you matterI just felt compelled to post this to let you know that you matter.  I don’t know if you are feeling insignificant now, or you have a tendency to, or at the moment you are good…but I know that almost everyone struggles with this from time to time.  We all need reminders that we were put on this earth to make a difference in the lives of others.

We matter.

You know I have had my share of feeling insignificant, and every once in a while, still…. that evil rises up and wants to confuse me, steal my joy, and rob my confidence. There are times that I feel less than radiant, unwanted, and disconnected.

But I know what to do to cure the ailment, and I want to pass this on to you.

I sit with the One who knows me best, cares for me best, and gets through the garbage best. I tell Him how I feel. I know and feel Him listening.  Feeling significant to God is the first step to finding your true significance.

Then I call feelinginsignificance is a lie insignificant  “a lie.”  A boldfaced lie.  If I desire to align myself with His truth… then what He says is a lie, must also be a lie to me.

And that I am, or you are, or anyone is … insignificant … is a lie.

Then I just focus and reaffirm how much He loves and values me. I bask in how He delights in me. I encourage myself in the truth – that I carry Perfect Love with me wherever I go.

How much more significant can we be?

You are a breath of fresh air.

You are not only significant, you are magnificent. To God. To me. And I’m sure there’s at least one other person in your life who thinks you are amazing.

This week, focus on the truth…. you matter and are magnificent. I’d love to know how this shifts things!

May God give you eyes to see.


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