Last year “The King’s speech” wowed audiences all over the world, garnering numerous Academy Awards. When I saw it, I was impressed, but not swept away. Yes, the acting was superb.  The storyline inspiring.

However, it wasn’t until I was preparing for my Warrior Webinar that the movie was brought back to my attention…

Here was a man, the King of England, albeit reluctant in his position, who had a voice… a much needed voice, one that would counteract the powerfully hypnotic one of Hitler.

Yet huge, monumental, long standing obstacles stood in the king’s way.  He had neither the oratory skill, the courage, or the desire to be the Voice the world needed him to be.  But he had someone who believed in him, who solicited another who would believe in him, too.  Not just that, but equip the king with the skill and courage he needed to be what England desperately needed him to be.

Out of duty, for freedom, and maybe even self-satisfaction, he fought for his voice to be heard.

Let us do the same.  You have a voice that needs to be heard.  Fight for it.


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