Last week I made a statement of truth: You are a magnificent masterpiece. A week later, and guess what… It’s still true!! J

Not surprising, I received more comments and emails from that letter than any I had written in a long time. Many are struggling to believe this, and as a coach, trainer, and speaker, I see this every day: inspiration and hesitancy operating at the same time.

On one hand, it sounds like a breath of fresh air. “Really? Could I really be magnificent?” On the other hand, “I just don’t know about that… ”

I have probably heard every objection imaginable, and I know how real the lies of insufficiency and unworthiness can seem when we can come up with “overwhelming” evidence from our past to prove inadequacy and lack. The weight of this evidence can be crushing.

If this happens to you, you are not alone. (If it doesn’t, feel free to pass this on to one who could use it.) I struggled for years, convinced that what I had to offer wasn’t good enough. I painted my past with a broad stroke of perceived failure. Of course there were many highlights of success and achievement, but when seen through the filter of inadequacy, the positives tend to get minimized, mischaracterized, and even discarded. We see what we believe.

I would like to encourage you today:  The evidence in your mind proves nothing. It may give you clues. It may provide feedback. But it proves nothing.


As you probably know, most attorneys start with a position and seek to prove it with evidence?And being one myself, I can tell you that it is very easy to taint the evidence, shift it, and plump it up to “prove” a case.

If we wanted to “prove” you were a failure and a loser, I’m sure there is some evidence from your past whereby we could “prove” it. If you want to prove you are a success and a winner, we could prove that, too.

The truth is we all have a quantity of both in our lives. Isn’t it sort of silly to think we can actually measure it?

Your historical evidence proves nothing, except your BELIEFS about you.

Your beliefs determine what you manifest.

But your beliefs are not always based on truth.

You are who God says you are. Period. And it has nothing to do with the evidence of your past.

What God says is truth and the more your beliefs are aligned with His truth, the more your life will look like the life He intended for you: abundant, magnificent, overflowing.

His truth says, “You are a magnificent masterpiece.” (Eph 2:10) Want more magnificence to manifest in your life? Determine to marinate in magnificence.  Make God’s opinion of you be your highest opinion of yourself.

Acknowledge that what you have believed is a lie. This is a powerful first step! Determine to think differently about yourself. And speak out regularly who you really are: a magnificent masterpiece, according to God’s truth. Doing so will yield great rewards.

If this has meant something to you or you want to encourage others, why not leave a comment?

Always on your side,



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