Worry is a liar and makes us feel ineffective.  We need to retrain our brain so we see ourselves as the powerful people we are.

Speaking what God says is highly effective in renewing our minds.

Here are some warrior wisdom truths to release out of your mouths.   We call them DECLARATIONS!

  1. I am the son/daughter of the Most High.
  2. I am steady on my feet and swift to move as I hear direction within.
  3. I am a mighty woman/man of God, well equipped to move mountains, effect change in the atmosphere, stand up against forces that oppose who God says I am and what my purpose for being is.
  4. I am filled with gratitude for every aspect of my life.
  5. Through my God-given power and authority, I speak cataclysmic breakthrough on behalf of all my clients.
  6. My voice, prayers, and praises deliver regions and places.
  7. I am royalty.

If you don’t really FEEL these in your bones, then work on THINKING  them and SPEAKING OUT LOUD, so your ears can hear the truth.  You can retrain your brain.  Your heart knows the truth.  Let it flow.


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