neon-yes1Did you know that everytime you say YES and step out of your Comfort Zone, you activate the Adventure Zone? It’s true!

This was vividly reinforced to me recently.

Let me explain…. Last week I made one of my usual LA trips to be with my mastermind peeps. I flew from Phoenix on Monday and back Tuesday.

While I loved the time I was in my mastermind, (at Sherwood Country Club, thank you, Craig), getting there and back was a bit grueling. Long lines at TSA, waiting for the shuttle to rent the car, jockeying for a spot to put our baggage and feet, waiting forever in line for my car rental, driving in LA traffic during rush hour. That was just to get there. Let’s reverse that process to get back home. 

I don’t mean to sound like a whiner, but by the time I boarded the plane to come home, I was pretty tired. The closer we got to Phoenix, the more I anticipated plopping on my comfy couch, with a lovely glass of wine, and watching an episode or 2 of The Walking Dead (no judging, please). And even more exciting… get out of these dang Spanx!

But then, right after landing, I received this text message: You have been selected for a CASTING! 

Normally I would be overjoyed! It’s not often we models/actresses (did I really just call myself that?!) get selected for auditions, but at midnight, this opportunity looked more like a burden then a blessing.

What? Turn around and head back to Los Angeles in the wee hours of the morning? Spend the whole day on the road?  Be inconvenienced when I’m tired and want to take it easy, especially when chances are greater that I would not get one of the roles, than I would?

Yes. Yes. Yes. 

Why? Because I know that when we say yes to things out our comfort zone and the norm, something always shifts.

Because I know that God is a God of “Yes and Amen,” and I want to align with Him. 

Because as a success coach, I know how important of showing up …even for things that I do only for fun.

And whether I was fully aware of it or not, I needed a shift 

Don’t get me wrong… things were great… but great is not magnificent.

And whenever I am in the energy of magnificent adventure, I operate at a whole new level of creativity, possibility, and joy. Humdrum turns into Hallelujah and taking action becomes fun, not tiresome.

YES is Powerful!

Here’s a short video I posted on FB Live that illustrates the point. Please excuse my interations with my peeps! Enjoy and may you be encouraged to say yes, too!

 Are you feeling stuck? Why not try YES!

Comments? Leave them below! I just love hearing from you!

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