I’ll never forget the day this horrific thought beamed across my mind: “I can never be successful being me.” I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach.

For more years than I care to admit, I had secretly compared myself to others, feeling inadequate and worth-less than almost everyone!. Even after I devoted my life to God, discovered we all had divinely crafted gifts, and carried the manifold presence of the Almighty… I still felt disconnected to my true identity and beauty, whatever that was.

The thought that I could not ever, EVER, be successful being me, was so crushing that I almost gave in and gave up. A-L-M-O-S-T.


But God is good, right? And He was not going to let me give up, and I know now that the reason why that horrific thought was so vivid was so it could be exposed and challenged for being the lie that it is! It was a lie that had followed me around for far too long, and it was time for me to be done with it.

But what was the truth? I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to believe instead.

And then, the revelation came when I heard God say to me,

“Maryann, you can ONLY be successful being YOU.”

Whoa. As if an eagle swooped me out and up out of the proverbial pit, God’s words energized and elevated me as never before. All this time I had been avoiding me, when being me was the only way I would ever be truly successful?

May I say to you, what God said to me:

“You can only be successful being you!”


Over the years of speaking to and working with hundreds of people, I have seen that self-doubt (or even self-hatred) is almost epidemic, especially among highly responsible, conscientious, high achieving people. It causes the spinning wheel syndrome, constant striving, or ultimately, cynical abandonment of a life of meaning, purpose, or true prosperity.

And while I have seen many who are frustrated and discouraged, I have also seen how liberated, confident, and prosperous people are when they not only know, but also connect to, embrace, and experience their magnificent selves.

You know, there are many, many forces in this world that cause us to doubt ourselves and the magnificent work God has called us to do. Negative voices in our heads and our communities perpetuate lies and false assumptions about all we need to do to be successful, happy, and a force for good in this world. We all need to be reinforced regularly in the truth.



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