Q: How do you simply upgrade your business and life?

A:  Embrace your magnificence. Honestly.

Let me explain.

I love the word MAGNIFICENCE and since God downloaded it to me, and I claimed it in 2013, my business and life have been a steady upward journey of adventure, fulfillment, and freedom. No kidding.

Part of my purpose here on earth is to pass this on!

So I have this simple, highly effective exercise I have my clients and audiences do which has produced startling results!

Here’s what you do:magnificent poster

  1. Look at the image to the side. See it says, “I am magnificent,” and that phrase is surrounded by synonyms for magnificence.
  2. Read them all out loud.
  3. See which one you feel in your heart.
  4. That is YOUR word, your particular brand of magnificence!!
  5. Carry that word around, speak it out often, Say “I am ___________ ” and insert your word.
  6. Watch what happens!

Case Study

One of my dearest clients and friends chose the word EPIC. (see it in the bottom right corner?)

Since choosing it, feeling it, saying it, and applying it to her life… guess what has happened?

Yep! Her (photography) business has taken on EPIC proportions! Embracing her EPIC magnificence made room for grace and created ease.

As she has stepped into a more elevated, upgraded view of herself, her business followed in kind. She is attracting EPIC clients who totally desire her higher end packages, (no convincing, selling, or pressuring) and have NO problem paying her premium prices.  She is no longer chasing the money, but money is flowing with ease to her.

This is not hocus pocus, folks! How you see yourself determines what you get. Whatever follows your “I am…” is what you create in your life.

So, spend some time with YOUR MAGNIFICENT WORD.

Let it change how you see yourself. It called to you for a reason!

I would love to hear which word you chose!

Leave a comment below! Give your word more love by sharing it with the world!

When you give love, you get back love.

P.S. If you need help in upgrading your self-understood identity so you, too, can have an upgraded lifestyle business, use this link to Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call to see if working together is your next step toward increased income, freedom, and lasting results, the magnificent way!


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