One of my extra special gifts is helping beautiful heart centered entrepreneurs make massive mindset shifts so they can fulfill the call on their lives and increase financially as they do it.

They come to me feeling stuck and frustrated. They KNOW they have a call on their lives and are here to make a difference in their own unique ways. They believe in a big God who loves them, is for them, and can do mighty things.

But even with this faith, they feel stuck.


Simply, self-doubt.Untitled design (3)

This is a big stumbling block. Many people with big hearts and even a mandate from God will stop dead in their tracks, not take the necessary steps, or will even reject golden opportunities because of self-doubt.

It’s like they are shackled by self-doubt. 

Do you ever feel doubtful, overwhelmed, or even paralyzed?

Did you know that God wants YOU to believe in YOURSELF?

There’s a true story in the bible that relates how Joshua, the right hand man to Moses, had a big mission: lead the people into the Promised Land after Moses died. Them was some big shoes to fill.

God told him that he, Joshua, was the one to cause the Israelites to inherit the land.

God had already given them the land, but they needed to occupy it.

God didn’t say that He would cause them to occupy it. He said that Joshua would.

God told Joshua, that He would be with him, that He wouldn’t fail him or leave him, but it would be Joshua who would have to do it.

Joshua knew God was mighty. He knew he had favor with God. But He was still scared and dismayed. How do we know?

Because God told him to not be afraid, nor be discouraged! Why would he tell him that if, he wasn’t? God further spoke strong words, “ONLY be confident and courageous,” not just once, but several times.

When it comes to our dreams, our calling, and mission – there is NO room for anything else but confidence and courage.

I know for me, when I have let my confidence slip and fall into self-doubt, more trouble is on the way.

So here’s my encouragement for you – check and see if self-doubt is plaguing you. And if so, do as Joshua did – ONLY be confident and courageous. Trust that God has your back and your future, but also trust that YOU are CAPABLE to do whatever your calling requires.

He has placed a destiny on you. You wouldn’t have the calling without the competency. You got this!

In faith, take the steps you need to take, and rely on God to maximize your efforts with His favor and His power that is at work in you.

YOU are more than a conqueror.



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