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6 Months to Increased Power, Productivity, and Profits

Exclusive Mentorship for World Changing Women Entrepreneurs

Clear the Fear, Clarify Your Brilliance, Design Your $5-10-15K/Mo Blueprint, Bring It In...

The Magnificent Way!

Imagine how far you could go if you had a personal mentor who ~

  • creates a SAFE environment for you to explore
  • understands and BELIEVES IN your brilliance,
  • skillfully HELPS YOU DESIGN $5-10-15K/ MONTHS, and
  • won’t let you play small, give up, or fade away into oblivion?

High Impact Mentoring for World Changing Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready To Create A Sustainable 6 Figure Income and Build the Meaningful  Lifestyle Business They Desire ...  The Magnificent Way!

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Imagine a dreamy, high profit, lifestyle business where you can work from wherever you are, whenever you want, with whomever you desire, impacting the world in the way God has called you to.

Also imagine that the key to your success is to be authentically you… no one else, just you.

Indeed, it is “you being you” that magnetically draws your ideal client, who eagerly desires your value-rich premium programs and packages that facilitate amazing results.

And finally imagine making a powerful impact on stages and forums, in environments and settings that best resonate with you, whether luxurious retreats by the sea, rustic intensives in the mountains, or high voltage encounters in the desert. Or maybe all three!

You get to choose.

Think it’s impossible? Too good to be true?

I did too.

After 10 years of striving to prove my worth in the government, corporate, and business worlds and another 20 years of no pay ministry, multiple burnouts, and working like a dog, I was ready for a fun, fulfilling, and profitable business doing what I loved … but what was that?

Without having ANY clarity, except a vague book idea, I set out on a magical journey, full of hope and naiveté, signing up for one coaching program after another, only to quit 2 years later, with no book, no business, very little hope, and a $35K hit to my bank account.

Disillusioned and cynical, I chocked it all off to a fool’s dream, for which I was now the wiser.

But as I eventually discovered, my foolishness was not in pursuing my dream business, my unique calling, or creating a legacy with my book… but in giving up!

Creating a lifestyle business of our dreams requires a lion-hearted commitment and passion to succeed.

Do you have that?


Yes! Let's cut to the chase.

Well, fortunately, when our passions and values are aligned with God, He does not let you stay in that place of defeat. Through profound revelation, I discovered a life changing spiritual secret which catapulted me into clarity, and my faith was restored! In joyful confidence and the support of an amazing coach, I wrote my book… in only 6 weeks.

Between my book and my new unexpected speaking career, I flew around the country, inspiring and encouraging audiences of all kinds and sizes, having an absolute ball.

Is there something wrong with me?

Do I not have the DNA for success?

Do mission, fun, and money not mix?

I realized that if this was going to work, I needed a business.  A real business. One that actually brought in money, preferably doing what I loved and was gifted and skilled in.

Everyone advised me to be a coach because I was gifted and had coached and counseled for years. But it was always for free. In fact, I never even thought about getting paid. It was ministry I did on the side while raising my children. Surely, nothing to take seriously!

Our brilliance is connected to our purpose and passion, and even what makes us an expert in our field! But many times we minimize and discount it because it just flows out of us. It doesn’t seem right that we can or even should charge for it.

Do you also have a natural genius that you tend to minimize because it comes so easy to you like I did?

I was also resistant to making money through coaching because charging for my services felt awkward and wrong. I’ll never forget the first money conversation I had. It was like there was a vice grip around my throat as I stammered and stuttered for the words.

Do you ever feel nervous when someone asks you,

“What do you charge?”

Charging eventually became easier, but then I found myself falling into the trap of over-delivering, cutting deals, and bending over backwards to accommodate my clients’ financial situations. It was agonizing. Often I found myself wishing I could just avoid the whole money thing.

It was exhausting and I was on the verge of quitting.

As a younger woman, before homeschooling my kids and nothing but volunteer work, I had been a successful lawyer. Thus, the safer, more profitable route seemed a return to law. Indeed, a firm had already offered me a well-paying job and was waiting for my answer.

Tempted to succumb, my soul began to tighten at just the thought.

Thank God for my personal coach who saw things in me I could not see. Without his belief, encouragement, and “You can’t quit! Your people need you!” I might have committed career hari-kari, sentencing myself (again) to a dismal life of 24/7 slavery, making money doing what I didn’t love.


The value of a skilled and compassionate personal coach/mentor who believes in you can not be overestimated!

Could this be game changing for your life and business?

Keep reading.

Well, it’s been an amazing ride! Thank God I didn’t give up, and for the last six years, I have been doing exactly what I love – helping beautiful and brilliant women (and men) humbly and graciously showcase their expertise, shatter the limiting beliefs that have created an illusory financial ceiling, and position themselves to be the influential leaders they are meant to be… all in integrity, high spirituality, and freedom.

And I get to have $10K, $20K, and even $50K months doing so.

Creating Your Magnificent Lifestyle Business is not only possible, but it is your divine right.

And I'm here to show you EXACTLY how to do it!

I'm ready to find an easier way, too! Show me your program, please!

So, let me ask you:

  • Do you have a craft or skill that you are incredibly talented in, passionate about, or just plain good at, but you’re having trouble making more than enough money doing it?
  • Are you frustrated about the lack of quality clients and not sure where to turn? Are you so done with chasing after them, accommodating them, or listening to their sob story as to why they can’t afford you?
  • Do you feel confused and overwhelmed about where to start in structuring your high value programs? And when it comes to pricing… aiyiyi! Does it feel like you’re just picking some arbitrary number out of the sky? Do you ever hear yourself saying, “And who would pay me that much for that?”
  • Are you sick of being just one in crowd, semi-accountable to your girlfriends, and slipping through the cracks of one more program? Are you aware that you need some personal 1:1 support, but not sure who to trust?

Good news! Help is here!

  • How would you like to discover that you already have an expertise that’s unique to you and there are clients out there right now who are ready to invest in it?
  • And what if I told you finding quality clients doesn’t have to be an exercise in futility, but you could magnetically attract these ideal clients by authentically being you?
  • Imagine feeling completely confident about money, your pricing, and your packages, so much so they when it comes to the money conversation, it’s something you completely enjoy?!
  • What if you never had to feel confused about what to offer and what to charge? What if it could all make sense!?
  • How would you like to feel fabulous about positioning yourself as an expert, building your platform in a fun and fulfilling way, and use speaking as a tool to reach a wider audience with your own personal story?


That means you are ready for high impact personal attention, where you can finally bust through any and all obstacles, develop an inspired actionable plan, and accelerate the fulfillment of your professional and personal dreams and desires.

What if you could get powerful results through a relaxed, yet exhilarating process?

That’s what my 6 Month Mentoring Program is all about!

So, What Can You Expect?

Step 1

  • Getting super clear about your true goals and desires, your big WHY and who you are meant to serve

This may sound obvious, but it’s amazing how many people set out, full steam ahead, not knowing exactly where they want to go or why! And even if you know what you want, often there is a bigger dream that you may not be allowing yourself to think about. Your big picture is the context within all your other activities fit. To not be clear is a waste of time, energy, and money, and like it did with me, can lead to a sense of defeat, futility, and end up in failure. So let’s get really clear as to what you really want and claim it.

Step 2

  • Clear the fear!

More often than not, clarity about our desires is obstructed because of unresolved, hidden, and disempowering root beliefs. These core beliefs affect everything in your life and business. EVERYTHING. Through Beliefs to Results™, my proven negative belief identification tool, and a variety of other clearing techniques, you will quickly see:

  • The source of your procrastination, distraction, or lack of focus.
  • The money stories you subconsciously believe that may be repelling money from coming to you
  • Your true perception of your value and worth, and root lies you may be believing that negatively affect every area of your marketing, relationships, and finances.
  • And how to shift all of this to magnetically make your success inevitable.

Step 3

  • Gain a clear assessment of where you are today, compared to where you want to be

Maybe you have been working hard in your business and have a number of effective systems and structures in place. And yet, to get to the next level, you need to know what’s next. (and what’s not currently working, so you can eliminate ineffective activities)

How do you move forward confidently if you want to go somewhere you haven’t yet been? Through my Magnificent Lifestyle Business Assessment, we will clearly define where you are in the continuum, and give you the next steps you need to take.

Do you have a website, a brand, a platform, or signature program that clearly communicates the unique way you work with your ideal clients? Speaking of your ideal clients, are you clear as to who they are, what they struggle with, and where they hang out?

Maybe you already know who your ideal clients are, but are they coming to you in abundance or are you putting out an energy of desperation that is repelling them?

Don't worry.  We will figure this out together.

Wherever you are in the process, we can easily identify it and form a strategy and plan that works FOR YOU.

Step 4

  • Discover your unique, magnetic brilliance

Yes, you have a brilliance! And your brilliance is connected to your passionate purpose. And there is a way to link both to a highly profitable endeavor. But first you have to know what it is, and embrace it. There is a powerful magnetic force that gets activated once you are clear about your unique brilliance. We will mine this treasure!!

Step 5

  • Determine your ideal client and target audience

Did you know that you can work with whomever you desire? Did you also know that not everyone is fun to work with and you get to choose? Often the fear of "who will want to work with me?" keeps us from getting in touch with who we are meant to work with and who we are not. Fear not. We will identify the clients and customers who make your heart sing and your work a joy. We won't use just cold and mechanical surveys, but find out heart to heart, who they are.

Step 6

  • Design your unique programs, packaging, and pricing together

Gaining clarity about what you offer, its value, and how it specifically helps solve your ideal clients' struggles or supports them in achieving the desires they long for can be a bit tricky. Often the things we do so naturally are difficult to put into concrete, tangible words and structures. Boy do I know this!

But I also know how your business can sky rocket once you get clarity and design elegant, effective programs and packages that have your ideal clients saying, “Oh, I need that!!”

I longed to hear those words when I first started, wondering if I ever would! Well, nothing is sweeter! Through my Authentically Me Signature Program™ design template we will together craft your highly desirable program that will help you achieve your financial goals.

Step 7

  • Create or tweak your magnificent brand.

Displaying yourself and your work through an authentic  brand that represents you beautifully and powerfully is a labor of love and worth all the time and effort you put into it. Your brand can make your heart soar or it can make you want to hide. Through my clarity techniques and high level resources, you will end up feeling so excited and proud of your online and offline image and presentation. No more website shame!!

Step 8

  • Map out your $5k-10K-15K+/mo plan.

You are meant for more than just getting by.  In the beginning, we are just so grateful to have a client who will pay us... anything! But with clarity, you will naturally upgrade. You are ready to design, develop and promote your income and infrastructure plan. With doubts and anxieties removed (and they will be!), this is a very exciting activity. You will love it.

Step 9

  • Build your platform and connect with your peeps

Whether you are best on stage, in webinars, through blogging and social media, we will find what works best for you at this stage of your growth. Growing your presence and platform is vital to increasing your income and your impact. While there are common strategies that work well, not one size fits all when it comes to marketing yourself. Be assured, we will find what works for you.

Step 10

  • Learn how to have graceful, client-centered enrollment conversations.

Most conscientious, heart centered coaches and consultants do not like sales. Most sales instruction feels smarmy - even those that say they aren't!  But when we think of enrolling a client, rather than selling them, the value all of a sudden escalates! Discovery sessions and enrolling conversations do not be need to be fraught with sweaty palms and awkward discussions. There is a perfectly elegant way to gracefully lead a client to make an intelligent, positive decision toward her future. These conversations can be beautifully expanding for you both. Yes, you can do this! I will teach you how!

A Word About Implementation and Manifesting Strategies

Throughout the 6 months, we will be taking action on whatever is ready at that time, but mid-way through the program and forward,  it’s high powered execution. It’s all about the results now, and staying focused to get you what you desire most. We will work on your $5-10K-20K/mo plan, set up the structures and the mindset to create it, and take positively confident action.

But.... a word of advice... we can have the best strategies, techniques, and tools in place, but ultimately, without the intentional aid of God, we are not running on all cylinders.

Being able to access God, His love, wisdom, strategies, resources, and provision is critical tp consistently moving forward with ease and flow.

God has got your back, designed you with purpose, and has the means and ways to direct and prosper your path.

Activity without inspiration and confidence is like sawdust.

Using my spiritual practices, or developing your own, will keep you energetically elevated and strategically alert.

What Happy Clients Are Saying...

Increased my rates by 133% and clients are paying for it!

Debbie V. Morgan, CPA, President

Debbie V. Morgan, CPA, President

Maryann is an amazing coach and mentor!  What I admire most about her is how well-rounded she is. I think she has mastered every profession in the world!  Maryann's spirituality shines through in her warm and compassionate demeanor, although she's not afraid to get down to business and call it like she sees it. She has helped me tremendously develop more confidence, tweak my billing system, give myself a long overdue raise, and handle the increased flow of new business as we continue to work together!  I wholeheartedly recommend Maryann!

After Maryann identified subconscious blocks and actionable strategies, I have had several new contracts just “fall into my lap!”

Dr. Patty Malone, President, Clear Communications Institute

Dr. Patty Malone, President, Clear Communications Institute

I highly recommend Maryann Ehmann as a mentor. Maryann is not only a master at identifying blind spots and briniging to the surface subconscious blocks, but coming up with actionable strategies for helping you moving forward quickly. After working with Maryann I had the opportunity to present the real authentic me in my presentations. She gave me the tools I needed to stay elevated and on track. And by opening up the flow, I have had several new contracts just “fall into my lap. I am truly grateful for her commitment to helping me see what I needed to see. My mind frame has changed about pretty much everything and continues to!


All of this and more is included in your

6 Month Private Mentorship.


And as a Bonus, I am currently including my exclusive,

Clarity in a Day™, VIP Experience

A full day intensive, where it’s “all about you.

Because you're worth it!

Whether it’s breaking through stubborn limiting beliefs, gaining much needed clarity about your unique brilliance, your magnetic brand, your high end programs or packages, you will leave invigorated with whatever you came to get.  Some sample on site locations are …

This one full day with me will shave months off your progress!

Scroll down to read more.


Bonus #2

Admission to My Signature Live Where World Changers Gather

Create Your Magnificent Year

Details Coming Soon!

For 2 years I struggled with my business… then I met Maryann… 3 months after working with her, I had a $35K month! It’s been the best decision I have ever made.

Marcia Suarez, Software Engineer, President, Professional Systems Service

Marcia Suarez, Software Engineer, President, Professional Systems Service

For two years I struggled with my business, losing contracts and sales. I tried everything. Then I met Maryann and decided to reach out to her so she could help me get through this in a spiritual way as well as help me figure out how I could get a steady cash flow going in the business

It was the best decision I have ever made. As soon as I started my sessions with Maryann, everything started to shift in the right direction.  My attitude, spirits, and will to fight all came back around and I suddenly felt stronger and willing to conquer whatever obstacle was in my way.

Maryann has a way of making you see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Through working with Maryann, I developed new strategies and in a couple of weeks I was acquiring new customers and having fun again. 3 months after working with her, I had a $35K month!

 Maryann is a true Angel and the nicest, sweetest, person I know.  She has a big heart and is always willing to listen and bring out the good in you. Thank you Maryann! 

I finally finished the book I’ve been wanting to write for years, found my purpose, and am moving forward in the business I always wanted!

Neecol Resnin

Neecol Resnin, Author, Born for More, Social Worker, MSW, MBA

Coaching with Maryann has made a huge difference in my life! Initially I was skeptical, but I felt Maryann could help me get over whatever was holding me back. And she has!

The book is now done. We have clarified my identity, purpose, and passion. I have a vision for the future and a business that is perfect for me mapped out. In Maryann, I have someone who believes in me and pours into my life. I cannot imagine life now without her wisdom and guidance. There is no one better out there.

It was the best decision that I have EVER made!

Working with Maryann is intense in a wonderful and exhilarating way. I went from feeling uncertain and insecure to, by the end of my full day with her, finding my inner Princess Leia.

Debbie McCormick, Linked In Expert

Debbie McCormick, Linked In Expert

I’m now clear about my goals and have a mindset that absolutely aligns with them. Together we created a strategic and realistic action plan and timeline. And best of all: I know with rock-solid confidence, for the very first time, that I can and will accomplish my goals.

Maryann’s gift is her intuition, compassion for and enthusiastic encouragement of each of her clients. Rather than judge, she facilitates and supports. I know without a doubt that she considers my success her success. I’m thrilled to consider her a member of my success team.

As you may have surmised, I could not recommend her more highly.

Maryann’s spiritual gifts and ability to work with a visionary mindset to transform ideas into a clear-cut financial plan for my business is phenomenal and sets her apart from other coaches.

Felice Carlton, Dr. Possibility

Felice Carlton, Dr. Possibility

Maryann has a personality that is extremely approachable where you feel 100% comfortable talking with her.  She truly has a gifting for helping others to overcome obstacles in their mindset, faith, and business.  Maryann was able to give me specific advice and financial preparation to take my business and personal life to a higher level.  I have participated in coaching programs prior to Maryann, but her spiritual gifts and her ability to work with a visionary mindset to transform ideas into a clear-cut financial plan for my business is phenomenal and sets her apart from other coaches.

Request Your Complimentary Discovery Call Now

How Does Your 6 Month Program Work?

  1. Schedule your Complimentary Clarity Call. Even we decide to not work together, you will obtain clarity and a breakthrough about your situation.
  1. Once we decide to work together, you will receive your Welcome Packet and Lifestyle Business Assessment Questionnaire 
  1. Schedule your first 2 hour Deep Dive Private Call.  As I get to know you, my intuition will be activated as we discuss your most precious goals and desires. This will set us up for a fabulous day together.

4. Once we begin your coaching, we will schedule a VIP day for you in the destination and at a time that we both agree upon. Morning refreshments and an exquisite lunch together is also provided.

Whatever we decide you need to work on next to catapult you to the next level is what we will focus on.  Remember, this is not a cookie-cutter program, but very exclusive and personalized.

You will not leave without proven strategies to keep you free and moving forward. Lunch and refreshments are included.

4.  A week after your Deep Dive call, we will continue with Weekly 60 minute personalized mentoring calls over a 6 month period, to ensure you will stay elevated, on track, and moving forward in your inspired action plan. Though we will work on YOUR goals and desires, results I often see clients achieve during the program are:

  • Getting super clear about what you want and where you are going
  • Clear away any and all blocks and barriers to your personal and financial success
  • Adopt new empowering beliefs and attitudes about money and wealth consciousness
  • Claim your unique brilliance that magnetically draws your ideal clients
  • Obtain cystal clear assessment as to exactly where you are today and your next steps forward.
  • Disappearance of desperation mode and feeling out there alone,
  • Tweak cash flow policies to be more effective and bring in more cash
  • Increase the quality of clients you LOVE to work with and LOVE to work with you … and less of those you don’t
  • Having graceful, client-centered sales conversations that convert
  • Implementation of your 6 figure income, with marketing sequence that fits your personality and style
  • Design your unique attracting programs and packaging
  • Fulfilling goals that have kept you frustrated and unresolved for years
  • Feeling completely supported by God, me, and your passionate purpose

I accomplished more in a week with Maryann than I usually do in a month on my own.

Carol Shockley, Owner/President of Shockley Event Management

Carol Shockley, Owner/President of Shockley Event Management

I just want to brag on Maryann Ehmann! She is rocking my world! I love the accountability and tough questionsI love how she is teaching me ways to change my belief patternsI have accomplished more in a week than I have in a month. I expect greater favor with new clients and prosperity than ever before. I am open to receive and realize in a greater way the impact I have on those I work with and those I influence. Thank you Maryann, for all you do and how you help us to realize our full potential.

3 days after implementing just one of Maryann’s strategies, a precious dream that I’ve had for over 12 years came true!! I cried!

Benelly Curioso, Certified Medical Interpreter

Benelly Curioso, Certified Medical Interpreter

I invested in Maryann’s Clarity in a Day VIP experience, and it changed my life! She helped me identify the root reason for what has been getting in the way of completing my goals and what I desire most. Being clear about what I wanted to achieve was a breakthrough in itself, but then to put an inspired plan together for my increased income goals that I can actually achieve with her accountability is huge! But even more, after implementing just one of her strategies, a 12 year old dream I have longed for came true!! Maryann is such an inspiration to me!!

Maryann helped me to find myself… which has affected every area of my life.

Joe DiChiara CPA/Entrepreneur

Joe DiChiara CPA/Entrepreneur

Maryann Ehmann, my Counselor and Mentor, has helped me to find myself. My life was filled with false beliefs and self-created walls that I had no idea existed. I felt stuck in my business and life.  Maryanne helped me tear down those walls and find my truths, which has affected every area of my life.  I am forever grateful. Thank you, Counselor! Founder of

I am so grateful for her continued support!

Maryann has upgraded all areas of my life: business, family, relationships, and even speaking. She is the “whole enchilada!”

Miguel Sanchez

Miguel Sanchez, Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

I’ve been coaching with Maryann for a couple of years now, and my life has shifted dramatically. Whether it’s all things money and business, or reconciling estranged relationships, or transitioning into a new speaking career, Maryann has the experience and heart to support and guide me through it all. I was already a successful entrepreneur of multiple businesses with over 70 employees when I met Maryann. But since then, everything has upgraded in my life. I have more freedom to attend to my family in ways I never imagined. I feel fulfilled and satisfied, yet see avenues for even more. I am free of self-condemnation that I didn’t even know was hurting my business and life. And even more, Maryann has taught me how to access God’s provisions like never before. I am so grateful for her continued support.

After just one session with Maryann… she quickly identified my blind spots!

Lynn Hawks, Owner, Experts and Authorities

Lynn Hawks, Owner, Experts and Authorities

Maryann is a true professional.  Her confidence, resolve and ability to quickly see where assistance is needed (those blind spots in our perception) is immediately apparent.  Awesome, wonderful, powerful coaching! Maryann is lovely, loving, yet absolutely NO nonsense through and through. Thank you again and again!!

Maryann understood me in ways others just didn’t!

Katrina Sawa, Love and Money Mentor

Katrina Sawa, Love and Money Mentor

Maryann is one of the only people I have allowed myself to be vulnerable with. She understood, validated, expanded, and clarified my purpose, unlike others who tried to steer me down a path they thought I should take.

Maryann is gifted at helping you up-level your mindset about prosperity. Rapid success is her forte!

Kristi Lynn Olson, Author, Speaker, Coach, Women Infused

Kristi Lynn Olson, Author, Speaker, Coach, Women Infused

Coaching with Maryann program was an amazing experience.  Maryann helps you access God’s power and favor for your success in business and in life, brings renewed hope to your success, and helps you up-level your mindset about prosperity.

Maryann goes above and beyond in her support for you and is generous in speaking a fresh word into your life that will impact your business in ways you might never have thought of before.  She is creative and spirit-led in all she does.  She is authentic and operates out of integrity and faith.  Everyone needs a mentor and coach like Maryann, who is always full of unlimited joy, wisdom, and support for you.

I achieved clarity about my mission, a strategic plan, and am moving forward!

Sonia Perez, Owner of Eating off the Vine

Sonia Perez, Owner of Eating off the Vine

In our thought provoking sessions, Maryann revealed what was holding me back personally and helped me be released. Then she offered me clear guidance, brainstorming and observation of the bigger picture of my overall mission. With that we formed a strategic plan and helped me move forward. Maryann pays careful attention to the details and often follows up with an email of a diagram and keynotes of the personal session.  All this is tied up in a bow with directing us towards God and His plan for us by continuing to bring in His word and promises to us.

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6 Month Private Mentorship

Welcome Packet
1- 2 Hour Deep Dive Call
Weekly 60 minute Calls Mentorship Over 6 month Period
Unlimited Email Access
Access to my proven, proprietary systems:

Beliefs to Results™ Money and Mindset Empowerment System
Magnificent Lifestyle Business Evaluation and System
Authentically Me Signature Program™ Design Template

Exclusive Bonus #1!

Clarity in a Day™, VIP Experience

Full Day Intensive in Luxurious, Expansive Location
Lunch and Refreshments the Day of our Intensive

Exclusive Bonus #2!

Create Your Magnificent Year Live Event

$15000 Full Pay

or Deposit of $5000, and 5 Payments of $2250 each

Request Your Discovery Call Now

I was stuck and worn out from going it alone. My very first session brought instant clarity and realignment, and AMAZING results immediately after!

Susie Golmon Cox, Culbeans Distributor

Susie Golmon Cox, Culbeans Distributor

Feeling guilty, embarrassed and disappointed in myself, I had tried as long as I could to ‘figure out my life’ by myself just so no one else would know I was in a place where I needed help.

Maryann is bright, witty, funny, caring and VERY easy to talk to. Her expert insight has brought understanding to my experiences and instant clarity and realignment in the key areas I needed help with… and with greater ease than I imagined!

I’ve realized AMAZING results after our very first session! If you can identify with my experience in any way, do the kindest thing you could ever do for yourself and make the BEST investment of all… invest in YOURSELF! 

I’m supercharged by our results! Maryann really does help us get WHATEVER we want!

Susan Wurzelbacher

Susan Wurzelbacher

OUTSTANDING coaching sessions with the AMAZING Maryann Ehmann!  What I about Maryanns Coaching:
We set in stone objectives to be met .and Maryann helped me meet  EACH ONE EXACTLY!
– It’s an environment in which ANYTHING can be voiced
– She doesn’t let me get away with changing the subject when something is uncomfortable
– She gets to what is really going on actively in the moment

I am SUPER CHARGED from our results and ramped up to tie up some loose ends so I can CANNONBALL ahead on what is next to come! I wish everyone could see in what way she can help because she doesn’t just WANT to GET PEOPLE WHATEVER THEY WANT… she REALLY DOES GET PEOPLE WHATEVER THEY WANT. Love you Maryann!