You’ve heard Jesus’ words in Mt 11:28, “In this world there will be trials and tribulations, pressures and frustrations, but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world.”

Well, I did, too… many times… but my understanding was incomplete and so I didn’t see how this exactly worked.

Then I had this awesome opportunity recently where it was so vividly laid out for me!


So here’s the story: I was in the Portland Airport and I had just settled in to do some work at a work station. I had 2 hours before my ride came, and after a very hectic schedule, I was ready to just relax. I took out my lap top, plugged it in, positioned my fingers over the keyboard, when all of a sudden, I heard over the loudspeaker, “Maryann Ehmann, please call the paging center.”

You know, hearing your name in a busy airport is not usually a good sign. Instinctively, I looked in my purse and saw my wallet missing. Once again, I heard my mother’s scolding voice, “Maryann! You are careless, careless, careless!!”

How hard I have tried over the years to correct this awful flaw! And yet… I have continued to forget things, misplace them, and drop them in places where they would normally never be seen again.

However… I always get them back. Keys. Wallet. Cell phone. Yep. Always, just like this time.

I had left my wallet on the counter at one of the stores, and the kind customer rep gave it to a cop, who hung on to it, until he found me, and within 5 minutes, he did! On another occasion, someone found my cell phone on the floor near a gate just as a policeman was walking by. How convenient!

Do you know how frustrating it would be for me if my things never got returned to me? Oh, my!

But I can be of good cheer because God does not wag His finger in my face and point out how careless I am. He doesn’t say, “When are you going to get it, Maryann?” or “How many times are we going to have to do this?”


No… he overcomes not just the world where theft is common, but He also overcomes my tendency to lose things. He protects me and my things, so I can freely travel and do what He has called me to do without worry, guilt, or condemnation.

He loves me just the way I am, and gladly compensates for my shortcomings. In fact, I don’t even think He sees them!

I may lose things, but I’m not a loser!!

Part of living a magnificent life is knowing that God’s got your back and you don’t have to do it all perfectly. I am so grateful for a God who delights in us, doesn’t shame us, and more than adequately redeems and restores all that we lose, whether material or otherwise.




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