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For Entrepreneurs Who Are Tired of Having to Choose Between Their Mission and Their Money

 Could You Be Blocking The Money You Desire? 


Let’s Increase Your Income with the

Money Mindset Empowerment System!

You want to make a difference, even change the world! But you know you need cash flow to stay in the game.  Is it possible you could be repelling money, even blocking it by the stories you tell yourself? It’s not like you are opposed to hard work, but how hard do you have to work?! 

It happened to me! I would wake up in the middle of the night sweating, worried about how we would pay our bills. I pinched pennies, clipped coupons, and waited until the last minute to pay anything.

I thought having a lot of money would make me feel free-er. But it didn’t! It only caused me to worry about different things… like running out, and being afraid of being tight again, and was I being wise…. blah, blah, blah. 

Someone proposed to me that I may have some money blocks and actually, be making it hard for money to come to me. The thought resonated with me, and I immediately set out on a course of action to discover my preprogrammed money stories, shift them, and develop an empowered mindset. With God, all things are possible!

I went from working for free, then to a whopping $50/hr, to creating a 6 figure income with amazing world changing clients who continue to stay with me year after year as they increase in confidence, income, and impact. 

I believe it is important to upgrade your mindset, especially when it comes to money, as you ungrade your goals and dreams. We never arrive! It’s not that there’s something wrong you with you if you are not “there” yet… because there is no “there.” Times to celebrate and refresh, yes! But this is a magnificent journey we are on, and the clearer our energy, the more we can accomplish with greater joy and ease. 

Worry repels money. Plain and simple. 

But that is not all. You could feel fine about money, but not about asking for it. 

Or maybe you are concerned making a lot of money will change your relationships with those you love.

Or maybe you fear being unwise in the handling of it. 

Or maybe you just don’t think people really want what you have to offer, or are wanting to pay your prices. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the possible beliefs you have about money.

Being in business, especially a service business, requires us to be emotionally clear so we have the internal room to service our clients best. Worrying about money, or scrounging, or looking at clients as our source causes us to be desperate. This will surely repel money AND potential clients!

If you are ready to be done with this, to identify money blocks and feel GREAT about your relationship to money and your ability to generate income, then I am ready to work with you. 

Together we will empower your mindset and rewrite your money story. We will look at your existing income plan and find ways to improve it. We will create more pathways for it to come to you with ease, style, and grace. 

 If You Are Ready, Help is Here!

With my proven, proprietary process, Belief to ResultsTM, we can quickly and painlessly identity your money stories, without years of therapy. Once we discover your hidden and not so hidden thoughts and concerns, fulfilling your dreams and generating income will be so much faster and easier. 

I Will Teach You My Tools and Techniques To Manifesting the Money You Desire


One 2 Hour Initial Deep Dive Session

2 Months of Weekly Sessions

Guaranteed Breakthrough!

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Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 10.40.29 AMAfter Maryann identified subconscious blocks and actionable strategies, I have had several new contracts just “fall into my lap!”

I highly recommend Maryann Ehmann as a mentor. Lasering in on your blind spots so you can see them is her specialty.

But she doesn’t stop there. Maryann is not only a master at bringing to the surface subconscious blocks, but coming up with actionable strategies for helping you moving forward quickly. After working with Maryann I had the opportunity to present the real authentic me in my presentations.

She gave me the tools I needed to stay elevated and on track. And by opening up the flow, I have had several new contracts just “fall into my lap. I am truly grateful for her commitment to helping me see what I needed to see. My mind frame has changed about pretty much everything and continues to!

maryann-divider-narrowIMG_4536Lifestyle Business Mentorship for World Changing Entrepreneurs



1:1 Private, 6 Month Mentoring

A Step by Step Plan for World Changing Entrepreneurs 


Are you a mission minded entrepreneur who is passionate about your purpose, but struggles in 1 of these 6 categories?

1.  Your Money Mindset Am I worth this much money? Will people really pay me premium prices? Is it right to invest this much on me? I sure could use someone who can help be bust through my hidden blocks, believe in me, and keep me moving forward. 

2. Clarity of Purpose I know I am made to make the world a better place, but sometimes I lose sight of how. I need help reconnecting with my passion and keeping the flame burning. I have to admit, though… there are too many days when I am derailed by self-doubt.

3. Your Income Plan – How will I consistently generate the income I desire while doing what I love and am here to do? Should I speak? coach? create courses? And if so, how do I price it all? One more thing, I don’t want to work like a dog. I want my business to work around my lifestyle, not the other way around. 

4. Creating Your Platform How do I  create a following? What do I say to them? There are so many options and avenues. I just get overwhelmed and don’t know what to focus on. I’m scared to speak, but I want to get over that. What about that book I’ve been wanting to write?

5.  Accountability – I have taken so many group programs and courses, and they have been helpful, but I am ready to work 1:1 with someone who understands me, my mission, income strategy, and will help me get things done. It is so easy to lose focus and not know what I should do first, then next, as well as keep the big picture in mind. 

6. Spirituality Last, but not least, my spirituality is of paramount importance to me. In fact, this is why I do what I do! I would love to have someone who understands the value of my relationship with God and doesn’t treat it as an add on. I would love someone who can help me understand how to get supernatural results rather than toiling by the sweat of my brow. 

Struggle No More!

I will help you develop an empowered money mindset, design your best income plan,

and support you all the way through to your dreams. 

Together We Can!

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“Big Dreams Require Big Beliefs!

I cannot imagine not working with Maryann to help me achieve them!”cathy niezen

The very first time I worked with Maryann, I shared my biggest and scariest dream: to impact 1 million followers. It was so big, I thought she might challenge it. Instead she believed in me and started formulating a plan so I could achieve it.

Not only did I achieve my goal of 1 million folowers, and increase my vision to 12 million over the next 5 years, but I also have an ally, personal cheerleader, and mentor.

Maryann helped me to remove my personal success blocks , solidify my income plan, and keeps me moving forward.  I cannot imagine not working with her.  If you have big dreams and goals, you must, too!

Cathy Niezen, Community Building Expert




Being A World Changing Leader Can Be A Lonely Road

Sometimes You Just Need Someone With Whom To Bounce Things Off 

Maryann Ehmann Is Your Perfect Confidante 

Business * Family * Spirituality

Your Trusted Adviser for Your Dreams,Goals, and The Challenges of Life

You are successful… at least in most areas of your life. But a life of balance, true meaning, more income, and fun often evade you.

Whatever issues you are facing, personally or professionally, you don’t need another program... you need a supportive, caring, and productive relationship with someone who has been there and done that.

If you are in a demanding, high-stress, high-responsibility environment, and need someone to LISTEN to YOU, be your sounding board, and offer reflection and clarity, as well as solutions and strategies, I’m here for you.

My diverse background in business, law, finances, and relationships, combined with my intuitive heart make me unique in being what you need.

Could this be exactly what you are looking for? 

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Maryann has upgraded all areas of my life:

business, family, relationships, and even speaking. She is the whole enchilada!”

I’ve been coaching with Maryann for a couple of years now, and my life has shifted dramatically. Whether it’s all things money and business, or reconciling estranged relationships, or transitioning intois the “whole enchilada a new speaking career, Maryann has the experience and heart to support and guide me through it all.

I was already a successful entrepreneur of multiple businesses with over 70 employees when I met Maryann. But since then, everything has upgraded in my life.

I have more freedom to attend to my family in ways I never imagined. I feel fulfilled and satisfied, yet see avenues for even more. I am free of self-condemnation that I didn’t even know was hurting my business and life. And even more, Maryann has taught me how to access God’s provisions like never before. I am so grateful for her continued support. Miguel Sanchez, Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker,

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Who Do I Work With and What Are They Saying?


Katrina Sawa Says:

Goals: Love and Money Mentor

Maryann is one of the only people I allowed myself to be vulnerable with. She understood, validated, expanded, and clarified my purpose, unlike others who tried to steer me down a path they thought I should take.


 Marcia Suarez Says:

Goals: Cash Flow Infusion into Business, God-centered Strategies, Mindset Empowerment, and Peace of Mind

Recently I had a significant drop in sales and was faced with making a decision as to what direction my company should take.

For two years I struggled with my business, losing contracts and sales. I tried everything.

Then I met Maryann and decided to reach out to her so she could help me get through this in a spiritual way as well as help me figure out how I could get a steady cash flow going in the business

It was the best decision I have ever made. As soon as I started my sessions with Maryann, everything started to shift in the right direction.  My attitude, spirits, and will to fight all came back around and I suddenly felt stronger and willing to conquer whatever obstacle was in my way.

Maryann has a way of making you see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Through working with Maryann, I developed new strategies and in a couple of weeks I was acquiring new customers and having fun again.  Maryann is a true Angel and the nicest, sweetest, person I know.  She has a big heart and is always willing to listen and bring out the good in you. Thank you Maryann!

From Kristi Olson, CEO and Founder, Speaker and Coach:

Goals: Increased Development of Path, Purpose, and the Favor Necessary to Accomplish It.kristi-headshot

Coaching with Maryann’s Spirit-Powered Group Mentoring program was an amazing experience.  Not only does Maryann expect rapid success for you, she truly believes it for you.

Maryann helps you access God’s power and favor for your success in business and in life.

She not only brings renewed hope to the success of your business, but she is gifted at helping you up-level your mindset about Prosperity and teaches you how to benefit and receive the favor of God on your life.

Maryann goes above and beyond in her support for you and is generous in speaking a fresh word into your life that will impact your business in ways you might never have thought of before.  She is creative and spirit-led in all she does.  She is authentic and operates out of integrity and faith.  Everyone needs a mentor and coach like Maryann, who is always full of  unlimited joy, wisdom, and support for you.


Sonia Perez Shares:

Goals:  Spirit-led Clarity and Strategies to Increase Passionate Entrepreneurial Progress, Replacement of  Mindset Hindrances

In our group sessions, Maryann effectively helped us to see the pattern of thoughts and beliefs that stopped us from utilizing our greatness, as well as provide us with real tools to move us from that thinking pattern to the God-given thinking, using scripture, diagrams and clear communication. She provides thought provoking sessions to bring the group to reveal what has been holding them back and then she offers God’s plan for them, not their own limited beliefs.

In our personal sessions, Maryann offered me clear guidance, brainstorming and observation of the bigger picture of my overall mission.  She is careful to pay attention to the details and often follows up with an email of a diagram and keynotes of the personal session.  All this is tied up in a bow with directing us towards God and His plan for us by continuing to bring in His word and promises to us. 


 What Linda Mullins, Founder & CEO of Core Fitness Solutions has to say…

Goals: Group Support and Spirit-led Business and Spiritual Practices

Maryann’s knowledge of the Word & the way she integrates it with business practices empowers and inspires us to move forward and prosper based on God’s Word.


From Carol Shockley, Owner/President of Shockley Event Management…

Goals:  Increased Productivity, Profitability, and Peace

I just want to brag on Maryann Ehmann! She is rocking my world! I love the accountability and tough questions. I love how she is teaching me ways to change my belief patterns…. I have accomplished more in a week than I have in a month. I expect greater favor with new clients and prosperity than ever before. I am open to receive and realize in a greater way the impact I have on those I work with and those I influence. Thank you Maryann for all you do and how you help us to realize our full potential.



Lynn Hawks, Co-owner/Producer, Circle Take Media

Goals: Increased Confidence and Productivity in Business and Personal Life, with Less Stress

After just one coaching session with Maryann Ehmann … All I can say is THANK YOU. Maryann is a true professional.  Her confidence, resolve and ability to quickly see where assistance is needed (those blind spots in our perception) is immediately felt.  Awesome, wonderful, powerful conversation! Maryann is lovely, loving, yet absolutely NO nonsense through and through. Thank you again and again!!

A few words from Susan Wurzelbacher, Associate, Circle Take Media

Goals:  Clarity and Confidence, Release from Remaining Doubts

OUTSTANDING coaching sessions with the AMAZING Maryann Ehmann!  What I ♥ about Maryann’s   Coaching:
– We set in stone objectives to be met ….and Maryann MET EACH ONE EXACTLY!
– It’s an environment in which ANYTHING can be voiced
– She doesn’t let me get away with changing the subject when something is uncomfortable
– She reads in between the words to get to what is really going on actively in the moment

I am SUPER CHARGED from our result and ramped up to tie up some loose ends so I can CANNONBALL ahead on what is next to come! I wish everyone could see in what way she can help because she doesn’t just WANT to GET PEOPLE WHATEVER THEY WANT… she REALLY DOES GET PEOPLE WHATEVER THEY WANT.
Love you Maryann!

Deanne Rymarowicz says:

Having the opening session with Maryann set the stage for the entire 3 days for me. Exactly what I needed! THANK YOU! I am MORE than enough!!

Susie Golmon Cox (see her on Facebook) says:

Wife, mom, grandma, ministry leader, entrepreneur

I was struggling with the same old problems year after year and it finally struck me- I was stuck. Taking a long hard look at myself I realized that I needed help. I was worn out from trying to go it alone.

Feeling guilty, embarrassed and disappointed in myself, I had tried as long as I could to ‘figure out my life’ by myself just so no one else would know I was in a place where I needed help. I was terrified of vulnerability…

I had found Maryann on the internet while searching for answers and had even communicated a time or two with her along with purchasing her book, “Have I Ever Told You, You’re My Favorite!” (which I HIGHLY recommend). I never dreamed I would one day seek out the author of this wonderful book, filled with life-changing insights, for personal coaching. But the day came when I saw that she was God-sent to help me out of my pit.

Maryann is bright, witty, funny, caring and VERY easy to talk to.

Just talking with her the first time you will experience her gift of encouragement and be drawn to open up in a perfectly natural way. Her expert insight has brought understanding to my experiences and in a lot of instances, instant clarity and realignment in the key areas I needed help with… and with greater ease than I imagined!

I’ve realized AMAZING results after our very first session! In fact, as soon as we finished I felt so relieved, refreshed, revived and renewed that I went straight to my husband and gave him a big hug and a kiss for investing in Maryann’s coaching for me!

If you can identify with my experience in any way, do the kindest thing you could ever do for yourself and make the BEST investment of all… invest in YOURSELF!

Receive Maryann’s coaching to enable you to get going again! Your Life is Waiting!


Carol D. (former pastor’s wife, author, and teacher)

I had become remarkably comfortable in my own misery and had milked it far too long. About the time I feared my heart would close again, I encountered Maryann and sought her coaching…

Maryann evidences the experience and proof that God favors us, and thanks to her, now I do as well. Recognizing that I walk in His favor, I am seeing door continue to open up for me, beginning with the most important one- the one to my heart.”

Carol had lost her ministry, her husband, and a close family member through betrayal. For 8 years she suffered with little to no hope. She is a vibrant, hysterically funny, creative, and brilliant woman who lost sight of herself. She has not only come out from under the rock of oppression, but is in a new home, in a new town, with a slew of new friends, working on her new book.

Brian Kelly from Celebrity Creators says:


Amy Pak, successful owner of


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