Want to get to know me? Great! I’d LOVE to know you! At the bottom of this page there is a place for you to tell me a bit about you!! maryann-lavender-glow

So, here are the 11 most important things you should know about me, in no particular order: (For a more professional bio, click here)

#1 This may seem superficial and shallow, but I am a HAPPINESS GURU! I totally believe in the power of happiness. When we apply the happiness energy to all our activities, there is no stopping us!! I believe our best bet to having an utterly happy life is to be one with God, love and give to others, do what we are here on this planet to do in our own unique way, and rest in God’s faithful provision for all our needs and desires.  

gene marying 2#2 I am absolutely in love with my amazing husband after 30 years of being together. After a fairly long stint as a single woman who was ready to give up on ever getting married (again), I met the love of my life, Gene, who was one of my financial planning students. He was a terrible student and had no aptitude for finances. gene handsomeNone. Zero. But he had scads of other qualities! He continues to provide much joy, inspiration, and adventure to me and many others, as a security consultant and private investigator, in addition to being a licensed and ordained minister!  Amazing man for whom I have enormous respect and never-ending love.

 family-slide#3  I have a huge family and I absolutely adore them all!  Gene and I have four children, three of them married , 10 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild. Each of them has their own individual personality, are lovely human beings with the fabulous personalities. I also am blessed with 5 smart, funny, and caring siblings who brought many more cool people into our family.  We all love to laugh.

 clients at ritz#4  I love helping people achieve their dreams, get massive breakthroughs, find their true identity and purpose, and heal anything that hurts their hearts. I have devoted my life, let’s just say for at least 40 years, developing the gifts and talents God has given me, working in my craft, continuously honing my skills with love and passion, and bringing it on through teaching, coaching, or mentoring. This is my calling, and I am thrilled God chose me to do this work!   (Clients and friends, Katharine Kremp and Sonia Perez with me at the Ritz Carlton)

 no-5-collage#5 As much as I love coaching, I LOVE speaking and connecting with live audiences. I love the energy, the intimacy, and delivering a message that was hand-picked for them. Whether the event is a large venue with hundreds, or intimate settings with less than 40, whether I need to be serious and empowering, or light-hearted and goofy, I love it.

 wne university#6 I was a prosecuting attorney for long enough to appreciate the power and prestige, as well as the damage it can do to a person’s soul. Yes, someone’s got to do it! I discovered after a few years, that that someone was not me! Though I did NOT love this, I am grateful for this experience as it has proven to be invaluable. In fact, law trained me in how to identify issues quickly, see a problem from a variety of perspectives, and find the best solutions for my clients. I love that I can bring that ability to my clients and students today.

#7  I was also a teacher, a bartender, a homeschooling mom and leader, a Christian counselor and ministry leader with ministries helping young married couples and families, college students, sexually abused women, and teens. Churches in my area often came to me for help when they had done all “they could” for their counseling clients.   I can’t claim any credit.  It’s just a gift.

loews grounds jan#8 I love to travel, especially with my husband and it involves water! In fact, I LOVE the ocean, especially the Pacific! I actually work hard to have my annual Breakthrough Events at luxury resort locations on the water. Here I am at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort and Spa outside of San Diego. One of my faves! Part of my dream life is I get to do this!!

 whistle blowers#9 Another experience I did NOT love, but revealed a courage I never thought I had:  I was a reluctant whistle blower while in a high-level corporate managerial position for a Fortune 100 company. I won’t say who or when. Just know, it was one of those necessary experiences that have helped shape who I am, but I have no interest in repeating it. I do think that if we are fortunate enough to have our backs against the wall and our lives threatened, then all the integrity and character that is within us will come rushing forward… and we will get to see it!

(Note: I was not written up in Time Magazine as these women were, but I’m sure our experiences were similar.)

 paperbackfavorite#10 I LOVE the Favor of God. I love basking in it, sharing it, and mentoring brilliant people who are on their way to changing the world and need the favor of God to do it.  I needed to understand the Favor of God in a deep way. Though I had accomplished much and had been healed of the shame I carried from prejudice, sexual abuse, and abandonment as a kid, I still could not shake insecurity and feelings of inadequacy. God knew that if I was ever to walk in my calling and impact the world, I would need a mighty transformation. That is what His favor did for me. Clearing up false perceptions and misconceptions I held within, God showed me my thinking about favor was way too small and narrow. He compelled me to write a book, which I did in less than 6 weeks, that has created a lifestyle of favor for many. Love those favor sitings!!  Favor is one of the most significant discoveries of my life. I incorporate it in all my teachings and coaching because it is nothing short of transformational to anyone’s life who chooses to seek greater understanding about it.

 023232041-beautiful-sunrise-mountain#11 I love, love, LOVE my morning time with the Lord and then my husband. Each morning, I dialogue with God, who is the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit to me, seeking my Daily Bread, refueling my tank, gaining clarity and perspective, and strategies for my business and life. I love that He hears our prayers for our loved ones and ourselves, that nothing is too big or insignificant, that He continues to find delight in me, teaches me how to use His Kingdom principles, and always takes me to the next level. I love how He loves us.

me and rochesterOh, one more thing…. I currently live in a teeny weeny little town outside of Rochester, NY, far out in the country, on 4 lovely acres of park-like land. However, most of my business is in CA.  Go figure.pond july 2012


Your Turn!!  I’d love to know you better!

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