You are God’s magnificent masterpiece. (Eph 2:10)

You may not see yourself as a masterpiece, let alone magnificent. You may not feel like it either.

To many, it sounds proud, arrogant, and self-serving. Even in the church, the glorious bride of Christ, more emphasis is placed on us as cracked, imperfect pots of clay, than magnificent works of art. 

As you read this, I imagine your own resistance is pushing its way to the front of your mind. But may I respectfully submit that focusing on your flaws and failings will blind you to who you really are in the sight of God and what He has intended for you?you are magnificent

Seeing yourself as God does, a magnificent masterpiece, is not just feel good fluff, it is essential to enjoying life as He intended. 

Working from a place of abundance and more-than-enough, rather than insufficiency and unworthiness, will bear much sweeter, more bountiful fruit in your life.  What we believe about who we are drives our motivations in subtle, but very certain ways.

But I don’t think I’m telling you anything new here.

The encouragement to see ourselves as God does has been around for decades. I rarely meet a person who doesn’t know this. Studies about our identity are easy to find. And more and more, we as a Church, have recognized that the “unworthy, lowly worm” mentality works against our best efforts to live a life worthy of our calling. 

I am so grateful for this revelation, and yet there is still a great deal of resistance to fully embracing our well-crafted divine nature, much less our true magnificence.

Well, this really bothers me!  There is a great deception that has been laid on us from various sources, and it is stubborn!!  I believe it is one of my assignments by God Himself to help strengthen you in this battle.

In the weeks to come, I will be writing reinforcing messages to you about YOUR magnificence.  But for today, will you put a smile on your face, assert your magnificence, and let God work within you?

I am not promoting self-centered boasting, just agreement with God. Whenever a negative thought comes up about you or your life, just smile and say, “Thank you, Lord… you have made me your magnificent masterpiece.”Will you do it? Make your declaration below!

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