So, last week I gave a little bit of an update about the magnificent, beyond my dreams, happenings since the beginning of the year. (If you missed it, here’s the link.)

janie and meWell, as I said, each of them has a back story, or lessons to learn for anyone interested in pursuing their dreams. My path and set of desires are, most likely, different than yours, but I believe there are principles that we can all apply to our specific lives and situations.

So what about my January business retreat at the lovely Loews Coronado Bay Resort?

Well, it was my 4th, and once again, it was a dream (and beyond) come true.

But I wasn’t exactly sure it would be…

You see, each year I go through a little doubt as to whether I should do it again. And each year I find my answer by seeking God and getting a leading.

This year, my doubt was about whether I would be as excited about this one as others, since I had done it so many times before, in this exact location… even the same, exact room! Would I be able to bring to the table that awesome sense of wonder and freshness that I often count on? I don’t do same old, same old very well. I have an adventurous spirit, and I love new experiences!  I thought for a brief moment that I might just go on autopilot, and that was just unacceptable.

So here’s the lesson:

We get to choose what a thing will be.

If I choose autopilot, I get autopilot. If I choose magnificence, I get magnificence! You know even the wealthiest of people can fall into autopilot blindness of all they have when they don’t stop to conscientiously choose how they will experience life. This is one of the best tips I can give you for having a life beyond your wildest dreams – CHOOSE.

LCBR_53740828_Marina_Terrace_2000x1333_150dpiOf course, as soon as I set foot on the property, breathed in the salty air, and heard the waves softly lapping against the rocks below my balcony, I experienced the magnificence I had chosen. But choosing came first.

You see, God will honor our desires and choices. Your life can be mundane and mediocre, or it can be magnificent and meaningful.

We get to choose.

Choosing magnificent and meaningful will set you up for life to be beyond your dreams!

Let’s look at some specifics. If you are someone who does events, puts together parties, teaches, coaches, or provides a service, this will apply more to you, but still, extract what you can from these principles…

#1 – Seek out and choose an environment where YOU feel most at home, energized, inspired, and comfortable. Honor your preferences. Again, you get to choose!  If you are imparting information, providing experiences, or leading exercises, especially, choose a setting where you are most at home. For me, it’s on the water. I thrive on the water. I can choose to do well anywhere, in the mountains, in the desert, or in the middle of the woods, it’s true. However, my soul prefers the water, luxurious locations, and tranquil settings. I know this about me. It is easier to be more fully present when I am honoring my preferences. I know where I and the people I attract feel best in order to have maximum creativity, trust, and flow. You may have a totally different criteria. The point is: know what it is and honor it.

#2 – Value the experience you are providing by charging well. Not everyone will want what you have or do. That’s ok. They are meant for someone else to serve them. In God’s economy, there is not the “haves and have nots”. Everyone has equal access to what they need and desire. It is their mindset that will determine what they get but they still have equal access. I used to resent those who used to tell me that because I felt like a “have not”. But eventually my mindset shifted, and yep… it’s true. Equal access for all. So, have an abundant mindset in setting your prices, trusting that those who desire your services, in whatever form you deliver it, will find the funds they need to enjoy and benefit from the experience. Know your costs and your profit margins… too much to say about that here, but you get the point, I’m sure.

#3 – Know what kind of people you desire to work with and call them forth. Synergy is critical to an intimate event. Think about who you want for your event. What are they like? Ask God to give you a picture of them, even the exact people to invite. This works well for the service you provide, too.

I love to work with overcomers. People who have amazing stories… faith based people who have risen above their trials… maybe even because of them. People who want more of God in their businesses because they are done with stressing, striving, and struggling. Whatever your desire, trust that the people you are meant to work with are out there.

my amazing peeps

Once you get a clear idea, declare your desire, set your intention, and expect that who you desire will show up. Don’t get into the energy of worry. This will delay or derail your desires. Choose to move forward in confident expectation. I can not stress the importance of this enough.

These 3 things helped me to relax, be fully present, and give my best to those I served. Breakthrough after breakthrough occurred. Divine connections were made between my guests and themselves, God, and each other. Strategies and plans for a magnificent year were set.

You see, in our work, we can choose to go for our dream outcome. For me, I always start with the end in mind for my dream event, doing as I am inspired and instructed by God. Partnering with Him vastly increases the likelihood that I and all who attend will experience something… way beyond our dreams.


What is your take away? I’d love it if you shared it below!

Lessons from a beyond your dreams event
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Lessons from a beyond your dreams event
In order to have a beyond your dreams life, this one simple thing will virtually guarantee it.

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