So many are searching for financial freedom. That’s because we are meant to have it! God wants you to prosper!

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of praying, seeking God, and just being grateful. When your husband miraculously triumphs over a brain tumor, life takes on a different perspective.

Besides the heightened value of life, my relationship with God, my family and friends, I’ve also gained a greater appreciation for my business and why I’m even doing it. (I’d like to say that fulfilling your purpose and dreams through your business is a cake walk, but it’s not, no matter what anyone says.)

As I was seeking God and taking stock, I asked Him how I got to do what I love doing and make money at it, something I thought was impossible after being a stay home mom for over 20 years …  

He reminded me of a few things – one being my dedication to align my beliefs and thoughts with His about abundance, prosperity and possibility. For a long time, I was severely conflicted about this, not having a clue as to how critical this was to our success. 

I was filled with double-mindedness, until I wasn’t!

Competing beliefs about a matter create doubt, which creates instability, ineffectiveness, and frustration.

I learned that fulfilling the dreams and destiny God has given me required:  

  • single minded focus,
  • deep understanding of the favor of God, and
  • alignment with God regarding abundance, prosperity, and income generation.

Trying to create systems and strategies without these elements is like paddling upstream with one oar. That was my reality. Imagine that for a minute.

So, one thing I was led to do to help myself, and then others, was create a course called Destined to Prosper. This study totally up-leveled my belief system – and thus my results –  in moving forward in my dreams and financial freedom.

God’s plan for prosperity is not eeking by or scraping and struggling, but that we would be in abundance no matter what the circumstances or need, for every good work. 

I knew this! I really did! 

But it took a while for this truth to actually be established and replace my wrong thinking about prosperity. I took the time and did the work.

And as I did, guess what!? Opportunities, new clients, and totally fun adventures came to me! Just last year, I stepped into the arena of modeling and acting, (a childhood dream that came to memory), funded a beyond my dreams trip to Paris for our 30th wedding anniversary, and finally moved to a warmer climate where we would be closer to our grandchildren – just because we could!357

(Picture of me in Paris getting ready to dive into my favorite French dish, Frog Legs’ Provençale. Yum!)

You see, financial freedom begins in our minds and hearts, and the more aligned we are with God’s plan, the freer we are. 

I don’t know what your financial situation is, but I do know that freedom does not have much to do with how much you make or is in the bank. The freer you are, the more the power of God to provide abundantly for you flows.

Freedom is alignment with God.

So, if you have conflicted beliefs about God’s plan for your prosperity, I encourage you to get my 3 part audio series with handouts, Destined to Prosper, for your own library.  

If you take it to heart, I know God will honor His word and lead you into the right path that He has already laid out for you and the portal of abundance will open to you more fully and freely.

I would love to work with you one on one to clear away any unsupportive, disempowering beliefs you have (my forte) so you can achieve your dreams with greater ease, (If you want to discuss, by all means hit reply and let me know) but you may not be in a position to do this right now.

If so, then I encourage you to get Destined to Prosper

I believe God is all over it and will bless you for almost no financial outlay on your part. In fact this course is valued at $97, and because I desire anyone who needs it to get it, I reduced the price to $19.97, which just about covers my cost. That is 80% off. How is that for a holiday sale!

Remember sowing into your own growth reaps a greater harvest for you.


$19.97 (valued at $97) 

Click here to get yours!

If You Have Doubt About God’s Will for YOUR Prosperity, You Won’t After You Take This Course

Well, whatever you choose to do, I’m here for you, and I bless you with a rich holiday with loved ones. Remember to take time to feel grateful to God! He is always with you!!




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