I love living life in the center of inspiration. I am most productive, fulfilled, anddecision happy when my to-do’s are motivated by inspiration, rather than I “have tos.”

Recently I realized, I had to make a decision:

Go forward in the sludge of drudgery, or on the wings of inspiration.

Either way I was moving forward. That was not the decision. It was HOW I was going to move forward that needed some resolution.  

Inspiration is that state where life is breathed into you about something.

There’s an infusion of energy, optimism and excitement. In my Beliefs to Results tm process, I help my clients and audiences to identify easily the beliefs they need for the results they want… as well as those which they don’t. 

     Actions determine results.

arrow1-left-blueFeelings determine actions.

arrow1-left-blueThoughts determine feelings.

arrow1-left-blueBeliefs determine thoughts.


Beliefs determine results.

Simply put, if we feel confident about certain actions, we will have a different result and experience performing the actions, than if we feel hesitant, insecure, or unsure. Make sense, right?

A vibrant dose of inspiration tends to dissolve all hesitation, and turn floundering into highly focused activity.

I love to live in inspired mode. I actually think it is one of my secrets to youthful aging! (I bet you didn’t know I had a secret to youthful aging, huh!?)

Well, how do you live an inspired,

not “same ole, same ole”, kind of life?

The first step is to BELIEVE.

You have to believe you need it, you can have it, and it is readily available to YOU.

This is a huge first step because we have been conditioned to think that it is noble, or wise, or practical, or whatever… to live a life of obligation, responsibility, and “don’t expect too much, or you’ll get really disappointed.”  Living by inspiration does not seem responsible.

I understand. That was I. I even raised my kids that way. (Sorry, kids! Thankfully God is bigger than my parenting skills, or lack thereof, and you have remained big thinkers and big expecters!)

I remember the day when we were driving down from the mountain we lived in to the town below. It was not infrequent to have the pressure build up in your ears to the point of discomfort. Well, one day it was particularly painful for my little girl, and she yelled out from the back seat, “Mommy! Pray for me!”

I had already given her the chewing gum, a candy to suck on, and the holding your nose thing… but nothing was working, and now she was asking me to pray? Immediately, I went into doubt…”What if I pray and it’s no better? What if she then gets disappointed in God? What if….? And on I trailed.

Nevertheless, how do you not pray for your child when they demand it?

Her faith inspired mine, and boldly, I prayed. And guess what … yeah. It worked. Blessed relief came immediately.

Step 2 – ASK.

In order to get inspired when none is there, simply Ask.

Go before your Maker, the Originator of All Good Ideas, and the One Who Knows You Best, and… simply ASK! If you need a next step, believe inspiration is available to you, and then ask what it is. If you need energy to do what you need to do, or fulfill a commitment or obligation, then ask God to breathe life into it, or give you another direction. If you need confirmation of what could be a great idea, whether it’s from your own mind or someone else’s, ask.

Recently, I was feeling uninspired about my annual January event. I knew I was having it. I was committed. Deposits were paid. Contracts signed. But I had no juice.

Trying to get prepared, market, or plan without inspiration is drudgery.

This ain’t my first rodeo, and I know the power of inspiration. I also know you can’t drum it up. You can’t psyche yourself up or talk yourself into it. But, I wanted … no, I needed, inspiration if I was going to do this thing in style, favor, grace, and joyful energy.

Inspiration by its nature lifts you up, elevates your perspective, and fills your heart and mind. Creativity flows freely. The dots get connected, and it’s all systems go.

Living life magnificently is living an inspired life.

And so, I asked. I sat down one morning during my strategy session time with the Lord, and said, “If you want me doing this thing, I need inspiration… Got some for me? Please?!”

I should have asked sooner rather than stressing about it. Duh. But God does not whack us upside the head (though I know some of you relate to Him that way… just saying…). Rather, He more than delivered… He first confirmed that this was of Him, that it was a “One of a kind” event, and that I was to not have any doubt.

Just this alone inspired me. I was settled.

But there was more! Inspiration opened the path to free flowing ideas, and I saw the whole theme laid out, and it was perfect for me and whoever was going to come. The shift from the doldrums to sheer, unadulterated delight was exhilerating! 

Step 3 – ACTION. 

Action puts feet to inspiration.

Inspiration feels good. It just does.

But often we go from feeling inspired to feeling inspired, but we don’t do anything with it. Inspiration is powerful, so why not turn it into actions that will produce desired results?

In Ephesians 3:20, the life verse, we are told that it is according to the power at work within us, that God is able to do exceedingly, immeasurably more than we can think, pray, ask, imagine, or dream!

I believe this power begins with inspiration. Yes, there are other super powers, too, like favor. But even favor is released more fully when we are inspired.

So, what did I do with this inspiration about my event? I took action, but it felt more like play than work. The pieces fell into place, the people I needed to support the theme all said yes, (with great excitement and inspiration, I might add), and every step I’ve made has been highly productive and satisfying. And I have absolutely no doubt this will be the best event ever, well attended by all the people who are meant to be there. No barriers. No obstacles. No what ifs…

I want to live a wholly inspired life. Don’t you?

If this makes your heart sing (a sign of inspiration, by the way)check out my January event right now, while you are inspired!  There are only 25 spots, and 1/2 are already taken. Just go to: Create Your Magnificent Year Live Event

crown coronado

You know, Coronado is a place infused with inspiration, and you will catch it! Did you know that Coronado means “crowned?” I think that is why God led me there. Everyone who comes to my event leaves more convinced of their royal status in the eyes of God, and you will, too. 

As always, please share this with your friends, if they need to be inspired to be inspired! And check out my event. What is your heart saying?







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