In my quest to help people to create their versions of a magnificent life and business, I have been flying from NY to CA about every other month for about 5 years.

Yeah… every other month.

Jet plane in flight. Panoramic composition.

For the most part, it has been a happy thing, though I struggled early on with not knowing how to – well, “get along.” I often felt like an odd ball, mostly because I unwittingly let my world in western NY get so small. I only knew Christians, and I could only speak Christianese. I didn’t even know this was a problem for me until I tried to connect (unsuccessfully) with others who didn’t share my faith, and even with those who did!

I also wasn’t clear about what I wanted to do with my life, so when people asked me what I do or how I do it, I tripped and stumbled over my words. I was very excited about a book I wrote sharing the favor of God and just speaking about that was exhilarating to me. But I knew I was called back into the marketplace after being a stay home mom for so many years. I just didn’t know in what capacity.

Well, it’s been a few years since clarity, confidence, and inspired action have come to me, and as you know, I have been living my magnificent life and business, as I teach and encourage others to do the same.

Traveling is very helpful in getting us out of rut-like thinking and giving us new perspectives about ourselves, others, even God! I am so grateful that I’ve been able to make enough money doing what I love so I can feed my habit!

However, as much as that has worked for me, Gene and I have sensed a change coming for some time now. And so, after much prayerful deliberation and hours of “how’s that going to happen” conversations, we made the decision to give up our mini-estate in the country, sing “Valderi, Valdera, A Knap-sack on our Backs,” and move to sunny CA. As soon as the decision was made, a friend offered a condo for us to stay in temporarily, and all systems have been go!

Moving to CA also seemed to support my long term dream of having a Dream Activation Center on the ocean where people can come, relax, get trained, and incubate their dreams! CA has always been like second home to me, having taken multiple trips there as a kid to visit my mom’s side of the family. All our children were born there. Gene was born and raised there. And… that’s where he and I met! It was like going home. It was time.

It just made sense.

Except…. in my heart.


Something was holding me back. I felt like that dog who circles and circles the pillow trying to find just the right spot.

Was I mourning the loss of leaving this home filled with sweet memories of my children’s youth? Was I afraid to give up this tranquil and expansive setting for crowded spaces and traffic congestion? Was it anxious about living in a more expensive location and the uncertainty of that… at our ages? Was it sadness about leaving our daughter and son-in-law with whom we were so close (not to mention… who would do my hair as well as she does??).

No, none of those insecurities was the reason for my unsettled heart. And one morning, I saw exactly why I had no peace.

Because our next destination was not southern CA, but… Scottsdale. AZ!

God hi-jacked our very sensible and seemingly desirable plans!

cactus-and-palm-trees-1382952-639x429What? Cool ocean breezes for sweltering desert heat? Palm trees for cacti?  I’m not a mountain, rock, or desert person. When I think of brown or variations of it, I’m thinking sandy beaches! I have always promoted the practice of honoring your preferences, as God-ordained uniqueness! This has never been my preference! On my “10 Best Places To Live” list, AZ has never been on it.

In fact, our kids have often asked us to move to AZ, so it’s not something we’ve never considered. But our consideration has always led to a rock-solid no! “We love you, but please! Don’t ask us to live in AZ!” Driving from California seemed like a great alternative to flying from NY.

Then why, oh why, am I so giddy at the thought of moving to Scottsdale??


Because it was God’s big idea, and He knows I/we want nothing more than to have our steps directed by Him. I am convinced through years of this journey that when God moves us, He gives the joy, peace, and enthusiasm to go along with it. Sometimes it’s all we have to go on when things “don’t make sense!”

Well, guess what! Our house sold in about a month, and we close December 18. This week I leave for AZ to find our new home. Downsizing never sounded so good.

If you have unfulfilled dreams, or plans that don’t seem to be sitting well, just keep making the steps you need to make to move forward. Don’t hold back because the path doesn’t feel totally right. If you are open, you will see God’s magnificent course corrections, and you will love it!

For additional clarity and confidence, position yourself to get set joyfully straight by coming to my January 2016 Retreat!

Create Your Magnificent Life 2016   Maryann Ehmann

Valderi, Valdera! A knapsack on my back. Happy Wanderer Giving Thanks to God

Thanks for reading this! And don’t for get to tune into my radio show where we continue with amazing stories of real people overcoming odds like you wouldn’t believe to manifest their God-given dreams and desires!


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Image credit for palm tree and cactus photo: Chris Gutekanst
Image credit for happy traveler: NikonSteff


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