So yesterday I wrote about the circuitous route to being invited to speak at the highly anticipated Ascend Conference, right? Well, something is definitely going on… 


Millennium Biltmore Exterior

Later in the day, I made my reservations for the Millennium Biltmore Hotel. No biggie. One more thing ticked off a long list of to-dos. 

But then, in the evening, I sit down to watch a brainless movie, and where does it take place later in the movie? Yeah… the Millennium Biltmore. I don’t know about you, but that’s a bit “coincidental” to me. 

Then I get woken up at 4 am with the questions for Saturday’s talk on my mind, get out of bed to work on them (you know, strike while the iron is hot), and all morning long.. I find myself unable to stop crying. I will have to let you know later what it is. But God is definitely up to something. 


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