You open your hand and satisfy the DESIRE of EVERY living thing with FAVOR.
  Psalm 145:16


While at Craig Duswalt’s Marketing Boot Camp a little more than a week ago, God showed up!

That shouldn’t surprise us, because God is everywhere, but I think sometimes we keep Him in church on Sundays and don’t expect Him at something like a marketing event.

Favor abounds when you’re looking for it, and you will learn, if you don’t already know, that favor is my favorite secret weapon against lies which want to steal my joy, success, or identity, whether they are swirling in my own head or being hurled at me from some external source.

As a coach and trainer, I always include heavy training in favor to propel my clients and students forward.

So, what happened at this event?

First, a friend of mine, who had been struggling with persistent, nagging, non-stop back pain from a motorcycle accident, was completely and totally healed by someone she just ran into who had a gift in healing. Talk about being at the right place at the right time!

10 days later, she is still pain-free, and for the first time in over a year, she does not have to take pain meds.

You can imagine her joy!

Another thing that was wild for me, was I invited to go on a speaking tour with several immensely successful entrepreneurs and entertainers who want to bring a message of hope to the world.

The thing that’s a kick for me is this… back in 2009, my husband and I decided to watch the hit series, 24, for the first time. We were drawn into the intrigue, but more to an actor who played the Secret Service agent specifically attendant to the President.

There was something about him that caused us to take unusual notice.

You may know him… actor, Glenn Morshower.

Well, little did I know, sitting in front of our tv that night, that I would write a book, and within a year, be introduced to this wonderful actor, lovely Christian, and amazing human being.
Also, little did I know that my journey in favor would lead to me being chosen for this tour, sitting next to Glenn, brain-storming our branding.

The third thing I want to share is how much work we all got done in 2 hours.

I had the privilege of being among high level leaders who are always THE ones in charge. But because of their love for God and their awareness of the favor they walk in, not one person allowed ego to get in the way of the greater good.

Everyone respected and deferred to the others, and it made the way for brilliance to blaze.

I write this to encourage you that God is on the move and putting people together in unusual circumstances, getting His agenda accomplished in neck-breaking speed.

Being in the flow of favor leads to twists and turns in the river of life, where wonderful surprises abound.

God has overflowing and abounding favor for you, too. Romans 5:17 says we need to receive it, if we are to reign as kings, though Him, here in this life.

Let’s do this thing! Grab your favor.

In Great Expectation for YOU!



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