Clarify Your Purpose for Full Throttle Faith

Between my many years of coaching and this past year of challenges, I’ve come to realize a core attitude that we must have in order for us to achieve our dreams and goals.

Now it may not sound like a God thought, but I know it is, and if we have this approach, there’s nothing we can not accomplish through the power of God at work in us. (Eph 3:20)

Ok… ready? We need BALLS TO THE WALL faith.  Oooo… did I just say that?!  

I know. I know. You probably didn’t expect that to come from me, but don’t you think it says it all?

Balls to the Wall…. To push to the limit, go all out, full speed.  A very colorful phrase that may need some explanation. Originally the phrase came from fighter planes. The “balls” are knobs atop the plane’s throttle control. Pushing the throttle all the way forward, to the wall of the cockpit, is to apply full throttle.

Here’s the thing … King Solomon, the wisest man that ever lived said, “Without a vision, people perish.” He wasn’t talking about getting a dream chariot, or more trinkets … he was talking about purpose.

Yes, I know… people have been talking about finding your purpose for years. It’s almost old hat. But guess what… most people STILL have not clarified theirs!


Purpose, once clarified, is grounding, fulfilling, and sometimes, even fun. It is the reason for being. Purpose is the foundation behind your business or ministry.

Indeed, without a clear purpose, you will flounder, unfocused, spinning your wheels in endless turmoil.

Purpose gives us direction.

Purpose also gives us criteria upon which to make decisions. If you are an emerging entrepreneur, in transition, or moving into a new level of growth, having a clarified purpose helps you discern what you should spend your resources on and what doesn’t make sense for you.

Purpose also gives us that Balls to the Wall Faith. Faith that doesn’t let us quit, moan and groan, or retreat into the shadows.  Faith that keeps us from flip flopping from one thing to the next. With a clear purpose, we can withstand almost anything. We don’t give up. We may be tempted to give up, but balls to the wall faith won’t let us.

Do you want balls to the wall faith? Get clear on your purpose. Once you do, you will be unstoppable.

Jesus was on fire with purpose. Securing our freedom, healing us, and bringing us abundant life was His purpose. And He stopped at nothing, full throttle, no matter what the cost.

I feel that way about helping you achieve your dreams and fulfill your purpose.

To your balls to the wall faith,


  P.S – Be on the lookout for a new offering I’ve created to ensure you find your purpose and balls to the wall faith – finally!  I want this for you bad.


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