Recently, as I was traveling, I posted a picture on FB ,ma godfidence and many found it inspiring, so I thought I’d share it with you in case you didn’t see it.

This is one of my favorite tees to travel in because it reminds me that no matter where I go, God is with me. Since God is with me, favor is with me. I can have confidence in that.

Another cool thing about the shirt, is – believe it or not- it puts smiles on people’s faces and delight in their eyes! Sometimes I even get a remark, a thumbs up, or a “bless you!” from total strangers! 

Their reactions affect me and can further my sense of ease in the midst of crowds, long, long lines, and often anxious people. So, yeah, it makes my travel experience better!

But sometimes, I forget. Like this last time…

It started off well when my boarding pass indicated that I would be a TSA pre-check flyer. If you don’t know what that means, it means faster lines, you don’t have to take off your shoes or belts, or take your lap top out of your carry on. It’s great!

So, there I am, feeling all Godfident, smiling at those who smile at me, flying through the lines… until.. they pull me out of line for a “random” body pat down.

What the heck? I’m in pre-check! That’s not supposed to happen!

So, I have to  step out of my super lane, and get into the sludge lane, only to wait  f-o-r-e-v-e-r  as they do an extremely thorough job of patting down this poor, befuddled 70-something lady, even looking at the inside of the waistband of her pants.

OMG! Really!? Do they choose people like this so they won’t be accused of profiling? (Cynicism pouring out here….)

While I’m feeling badly for her, I’m also getting increasingly annoyed at the absurdity of the situation. Like a shining example of peace, calm, and assurance – I voice my irritation to the woman behind me, thinking I’d get an “Amen, sistah!” – but instead, she went on and on about how she’d rather they take all day patting us down so we can be safe. “This is a dangerous world, you know!” At which point, she spouts off various news reports she’s locked away for such a time as this.  I kinda wanted to punch her. Just saying…

But I eeked out a smile, then stewed some more. 

Finally, it was my turn. Fully expecting the same thorough, but annoying, treatment, I was pleasantly surprised when the TSA lady merely patted my left knee and waved me on.

My knee got a pat down?

Eager to get to my gate and over the annoyance, I thought no more about it… until today.

Now, I don’t know if my tee shirt had anything to do with the short pat down, and maybe Miss TSA could lose her job over not searching me further, but… it was favor to me. Maybe she saw the shirt, and it reminded her that all is good. Who knows why she did what she did. 

What I do know, is God isn’t a trivial God that withholds His favor for those special occasions when we are all perfect acting. That would be humans. Favor is a gift… an unconditional one at that. With all the mistakes I make, I’m sure grateful for that!

God’s Favor Trumps Irritation

I also know that each of us needs regular reminders that God is with us… wherever we go, whatever we are doing. If we can increasingly have that mindset, it does not mean we won’t be delayed, inconvenienced, or even worse – but it does mean that whatever happens, we can be confident…Godfident… that we are in His supremely capable hands. He is with us.

If we are to step out into our dreams, into arenas of discomfort, and do things we must do (things that maybe we aren’t crazy about doing) in order to reach our goals and fulfill our destiny… we do need a heightened awareness of God’s presence, don’t you think?

That’s what I want these posts to be to you. I commit to be more consistent about sharing inspiration, tools, and strategies to up-level our beliefs, activate our dreams, and facilitate the fulfillment thereof.

What do you think?  Leave a comment! Thank you so much, dear one!


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