Wow! It’s been about 7 months since I posted and I almost don’t even know how to begin this one!IMG_4536

So many things have happened this year that I would love to share with you – many of which I never saw coming! You know how people talk about “living the dream”… well, I’ve been experiencing life beyond the dream!

I think it is critical that we share these stories with each other because it is so easy to lose heart and drift along, never fully walking out our purpose or the dreams God has placed in our hearts!

But also, these stories have become instructive for me, as I have seen what God is revealing to me in each of them. I would love to pass on those lessons so you are more empowered and equipped to live your magnificent life, too!

Things don’t just happen, though it often appears that they do. There is actually a big picture going on, and the degree to which we are plugged into it, showing up with our unique gifts and skills, and serving in the capacity for which we are made, is often the degree to which we see the miraculous.

So, having said that… here is a preview, without a lot of explanation, of what’s been going on… more to follow with instructive tips and strategies for living your life beyond your wildest dreams, in your work or personal life. I will also share with you in another email the exciting shifts that are occurring in my business!

January – my 4th annual Create Your Magnificent Year at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort was best ever! Breakthroughs, God connections, dream building, and clarity abounded!

February – Signed with a prestigious modeling and acting agency in LA (what?!) Great story behind this one!

March – Was offered and accepted a position to coach for a major coaching company. Even better story as to how this came to be!

April – Committed to start my very own radio show, titled Your Magnificent Lie and Business (stay tuned for my airing date!).

May – Demonstrated my proprietary process, Beliefs to Results™, in front of a live audience, engaging volunteers for immediate laser coaching. Definitely a higher level challenge for me!

gene and me fun in front of eiffel towerMay – I was confirmed to be a guest speaker for the Ascend Women’s Conference in LA, October of this year. Amazing back story here!

May – Treated my husband to a 30th anniversary trip to Paris!! Another behind the scenes story to this, as well!

June – Had my first ever all women’s business retreat in Coronado! The jury is still out as to whether this will be repeated again… I’ll leave you hanging on this one.

July – Finally getting the house ready for sale. Moving to southern CA!!

Throughout the year – the ability to earn 5 figure months consistently, doing what I love, with people I love, in places I love. Courses on how to build a successful coaching business coming soon!

These highlights are just the tip of the iceberg. Each story has a wild back story, and sometimes that is what is missing when people give these fantastic happenings and claims. If you are interested in more, stick with me! Your dreams (and beyond) are just as important as mine!



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