Have you noticed that at the end of the year, the language surrounding it relates to us “closing” the year out, or bringing this year to a “close?”

Well, I propose that next year, 2015, will be a year where that which was started in 2014, but has not come to fruition, will, and that which you received will double in 2015.  We will not be closing out 2014, but continuing and increasing the progress that has already begun. Let me explain….

5774 jewish year symbolMaybe, like me, you appreciate the Jewish calendar and its rich meaning. Last year was 5774, the year of the open door. I know for me, many doors opened wide. Did you see that for yourself? Maybe I was looking for it or expecting it, but ~

I learned how to rest in God and get more done than I have ever experienced in the past. I met people who had never been on my radar before. I learned things quickly and easily that I once had trouble understanding. I upleveled and upgraded my thinking, skill set, and yes… my bank account. My comfort level, ease of doing things, and love for God and others expanded beyond measure.

It was an amazing year of repeat renewals, refreshing, and fruitfulness. I am not about to close this year out! There is more coming!!

I shared this on Facebook yesterday…

This a.m. while strategizing with God, I strongly sensed my focus for me and my clients for 2015:

“God and Business, Go For The Double Without The Toil!”

I wondered if that was a bit presumptuous, but accepted the call. Later today, my good friend and client, Albert Duff Jr, sent me a cool personal video reminding me that this is the Jewish year 5775. I love to investigate the meaning of the Jewish year and align my prayers and efforts with it, so I checked out 5775 more closely. LOOK AT WHAT I SAW:

“When we see in the Spirit with the revelation of this Jewish new year 5775,

we now see that this will be a year of the DOUBLE portion.

It is a season of great overflow, blessing, and provision.

It is the number for completion, rest, wholeness, and blessing for this new year.” The Elijah List


OMG…Confirmation??? Had to share!

So, on this last day of 2014, I want to encourage you to continue the awesome work that you are doing in your families, your career, and in this world.

This New Year..

Expect Double Portion of Prosperity and Rest!

Take stock of all the amazing things that have happened. Even that which looks like a fail has a redeeming, silver lining, right?

Open your arms even wider to the good that is coming to you! I have found that without realizing it, we resist the success we desire! So, do not fear success and that it will bring you more trouble! Stay close to the One who loves you, desires you, and takes pleasure in your prosperity! Look for ways to increase your results AND your rest.

And of course, if you would like to partner with me and God to ensure your success, in business and quality of life, please let me know! Consider coming to the Create Your Magnificent Year Live Event at the gorgeous Loews Coronado Bay Resort, Jan 16-18, 2015. I would love to support you in the fulfillment of your dreams and deepest desires in 2015.

I am grateful for you… truly, I am. Happy New Year! Post below some amazing things that opened up for you and what you expect in 2015!



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