As a coach for purpose-driven, dream building, and business oriented people, I see daily the risks and rewards of pursuing that which God has birthed within.  Though I might not coach you, I know you to be a person of destiny. We all are.

But in order to walk in His destiny for us, we have a certain mindset!

God created each of us in His image, and another dimension of this truth has been exploding within me lately.  The word that sums it up is: MULTIPLY.

I wanted to share with you this revelation because I am convinced that we are not to live an eek-by, just enough existence. We cannot live magnificent lives and fulfill our dreams with that kind of mindset. God is a multiplying God and even starts mankind off with the high call, “Be fruitful and multiply!”  We need a MULTIPLICATION MINDSET!

Multiply is not just a math term! So put aside visions of the times tables and their dreaded tests that accompanied them, as well as the anxiety they brought!

I love learning Hebrew and Greek definitions of words. They provide a richness the English language sometimes misses.  Read this definition for multiply as used in the command to “Be fruitful and multiply”:


to increase in whatever respect, bring in abundance, be in authority, enlarge, excel, exceedingly, be full of, make or be great, heap, yield much, nourish, plenty, and store up.

This is the heart of God for you. As you can see, it goes way beyond having children!

I hope this encourages you to seek God and His kingdom. It is an abundant place that is available to you. Meditate on God’s heart for multiplication in your life. Ask Him for the strategies that are perfect for you. Align your thoughts and heart with His ways and multiply!

To your best!


ma_signature_NEW_0001 PS. If you are struggling with your purpose and destiny and want assistance in fulfilling it, why waste time spinning your wheels in isolation?  Get a coach who has been there, done that. It will be the best investment you make in yourself and what God has for you!


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