Clarify Your Purpose. Stop Everything Until You Do

Clarify Your Purpose for Full Throttle Faith Between my many years of coaching and this past year of challenges, I’ve come to realize a core attitude that we must have in order for us to achieve our dreams and goals. Now it may not sound like a God thought, but I know it is, and if [...]

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Time to Hit the Pause Button

Last week, I shared how God hijacked our plans to move to California and instead showed us that we need to be in Scottsdale, Arizona. Wow! We are going on a new totally unexpected adventure!!As exciting as this is, it’s still so easy to feel a little unsettled with a cross-country move like ours, even [...]

You have a voice, too. Don’t be silenced

Last year "The King's speech" wowed audiences all over the world, garnering numerous Academy Awards. When I saw it, I was impressed, but not swept away. Yes, the acting was superb.  The storyline inspiring. However, it wasn't until I was preparing for my Warrior Webinar that the movie was brought back to my attention... Here [...]

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