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5 Steps to Working with Dream Clients You Love

How I went from working with ANYONE about ANYTHING for FREE to picking and choosing those I love to work with, for good money.Are you a coach and consultant who is groveling for clients, willing to take anyone that will pay you, and losing the love for your work in the process. If you are, [...]

How to simply upgrade your life and business. Honestly.

Q: How do you simply upgrade your business and life?A:  Embrace your magnificence. Honestly.Let me explain.I love the word MAGNIFICENCE and since God downloaded it to me, and I claimed it in 2013, my business and life have been a steady upward journey of adventure, fulfillment, and freedom. No kidding.Part of my purpose here on [...]

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Can one simple shift provoke profound results?

Did you know that one simple shift in perspective can change everything?  We may struggle and strive, when all it takes is one light bulb moment to release the resistance and free the flow!Can I share a little story with you?My son, who is amazing in sales, recently shared with me his feelings of defeat [...]

Triumphing in Transitions

As I’ve been sharing, we are in the midst of a new adventure… moving to Scottsdale, AZ! And as happy as that is for all kinds of reasons, typically co-existing with the excitement, there is usually a sense of risk or at a minimum inconvenience. That’s to be expected.But we did not expect this additional [...]