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Triumphing in Transitions

As I’ve been sharing, we are in the midst of a new adventure… moving to Scottsdale, AZ! And as happy as that is for all kinds of reasons, typically co-existing with the excitement, there is usually a sense of risk or at a minimum inconvenience. That’s to be expected.But we did not expect this additional [...]

I May Lose Things, But I’m Not A Loser!

I'M NOT A LOSER! You’ve heard Jesus’ words in Mt 11:28, “In this world there will be trials and tribulations, pressures and frustrations, but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world.” Well, I did, too... many times... but my understanding was incomplete and so I didn’t see how this exactly worked. Then [...]

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Seize the Truth! You ARE Highly Favored!

Today’s article is to help you seize the truth about who you are, and consciously denounce the lies. There is so much power in taking a stand and agreeing with God, especially about who He says you are.  It will shift your whole direction and bring goodness into your path like nothing else! Here’s the [...]

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