The ONE thing behind ALL Purpose! Easy Peasy!

Lately God has been speaking to me about the Power of Purpose. And of course, when God is speaking, He confirms with situations and circumstance. Lately several people have come forward and have expressed their need to find their purpose. They are tired of floundering, groping in the dark, and feeling this sense of restlessness [...]

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Clarify Your Purpose. Stop Everything Until You Do

Clarify Your Purpose for Full Throttle Faith Between my many years of coaching and this past year of challenges, I’ve come to realize a core attitude that we must have in order for us to achieve our dreams and goals. Now it may not sound like a God thought, but I know it is, and if [...]

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The key to financial freedom: Aligning your thoughts with God’s

So many are searching for financial freedom. That's because we are meant to have it! God wants you to prosper! Lately I’ve been doing a lot of praying, seeking God, and just being grateful. When your husband miraculously triumphs over a brain tumor, life takes on a different perspective. Besides the heightened value of life, [...]

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