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Can one simple shift provoke profound results?

Did you know that one simple shift in perspective can change everything?  We may struggle and strive, when all it takes is one light bulb moment to release the resistance and free the flow!Can I share a little story with you?My son, who is amazing in sales, recently shared with me his feelings of defeat [...]

Another Surprise in the Ongoing Saga!

In the face of cancer diagnosis, seemingly impossible requirements to close on our house, packing up and storing away 6000 sq feet of STUFF, attending to my clients, as well as preparing for my January event, we are indeed experiencing the most surprising and exquisite time with God, each other, and our family than ever [...]

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Triumphing in Transitions

As I’ve been sharing, we are in the midst of a new adventure… moving to Scottsdale, AZ! And as happy as that is for all kinds of reasons, typically co-existing with the excitement, there is usually a sense of risk or at a minimum inconvenience. That’s to be expected.But we did not expect this additional [...]

Time to Hit the Pause Button

Last week, I shared how God hijacked our plans to move to California and instead showed us that we need to be in Scottsdale, Arizona. Wow! We are going on a new totally unexpected adventure!!As exciting as this is, it’s still so easy to feel a little unsettled with a cross-country move like ours, even [...]

Hi-jacked plans – again!!

In my quest to help people to create their versions of a magnificent life and business, I have been flying from NY to CA about every other month for about 5 years.Yeah… every other month.For the most part, it has been a happy thing, though I struggled early on with not knowing how to – [...]

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