Did you know that one simple shift in perspective can change everything?  We may struggle and strive, when all it takes is one light bulb moment to release the resistance and free the flow!

Can I share a little story with you?

My son, who is amazing in sales, recently shared with me his feelings of defeat and futility after his company increased the sales requirements in one category of services. Even though he had exceeded his sales goals in all categories, this new one proved to be one more brick on an already heavy load. Indeed, upper management instituted a policy that specified that if you did not meet your quota in one specific area, you would be fired. Though this seemed like sheer gestapo tactics, my son took it seriously. (Yeah, he’s kind of that way..)

“No matter how hard I try, Mom, or how much I achieve, it just never seems like enough. Every job I get, eventually turns into this. Sometimes, I just want to quit.”

It all seemed so unfair.

Knowing my son, however, I ascertained that it wasn’t really the unfairness of the policy that was discouraging him, or that he didn’t have the ability to meet their quotas. No, it was a much more insidious culprit: it was the fear of failure and the indictment that he just wasn’t good enough.

This is an enervating, life-sucking, joy-stealing fear. And I see it all the time.

I saw it in me for years. And I could paint the picture of how something was not going to work out, and so, why not save myself the misery and heartache, and just not try, let alone give it my all.

Back to my son… it was Black Friday, and he had missed his sales goal (again) by a huge margin. It made him sick. Literally.

Two days later at work, the whole day had passed and there was 30 minutes left until closing, and again… he had not met his sales goals. Oh, there it was again, that disturbing, sinking feeling in the cavity of his chest. The voices in his head running rampant, making him want to run out the door…. When all of a sudden…

Lightbulb DuhHe had a “DUH” moment (His words, not mine.).Whether this was a divinely inspired revelation (Of course I had been praying for such), or a random thought that overtook his heart-brain, it totally shifted everything.

 Very clearly, he heard, “Joe, if you don’t like not meeting your sales goals, then… meet your sales goals.”  DUH.

“You S­­TILL have 30 minutes left before the store closes.”

Notice he did not hear, “You ONLY have 30 minutes,” but he heard, “You STILL have 30 minutes.”

One word, filled with hope,
can change everything. 
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No sooner had he had this thought, that an elderly couple walked into the store. Not just any elderly couple, but one celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary, and the husband wanted to buy his wife a present! Wha???!!!

How does that happen? A revelation occurs, an opportunity opens, and action makes it happen. Somewhere between the compassion, the conversation, and sheer commitment to meet his goals and their delight, Joe sold several thousands of dollars of jewelry… with 10 minutes to spare… tripling his goal.

Since that day, he has not just consistently met his goals, but exceeded them.

You know, Joe isn’t the only one this is happening to lately. I’m seeing this all over the place, and while his related to sales goals, goals of all sorts are being achieved.

I believe the hand of God is operating in greater measure these days than ever before. Did you know He is all about your success and happiness? We have an open window and opportunities are going to flood in for those who are ready. You will get more done, create more income, and achieve your heart’s desire – all with less effort!

With revelation power,
simple mindset shifts create amazing results. 
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Another example, without going into all the details, one of my clients is having her best December ever because her thoughts shifted from… “Let’s just get this year over with” to “I STILL have a month to turn this year around!” 

No sooner did she have this inspiring thought, felt the energy shift, and purposed to take strategic action, that new clients appeared “out of the blue!”

I’ve been experiencing similar things with the filling of my event in January. I had to make a choice earlier: either cancel it because marketing and planning would be “impossible” with all required of me in selling our house and moving cross country – OR – trust God to maximize my paltry marketing efforts and bring in the right blend of attendants.

I chose the latter, and have been totally delighted by the “out of the blue” people who KNOW they are “supposed” to be there.  

Whether you have 30 minutes or 30 days to get-ter done, there is a God who is bigger than our clocks and calendars, and with Him, our results can be nothing short of amazing!

Do you have a 11th hour story to share!? I’d love to hear it!




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