Business owners are world changers! Our economy needs entrepreneurs, not to mention it’s one of the best way to live authentically and with purpose!

So… kudos, and keep on, keeping on!

But as you know, it’s not always easy.

In fact, as glamorous, fun, and exciting as all the photos look of people who are enjoying the good life because of their freedom businesses — behind the scene, it’s still a lot of work!

Being in business often triggers unresolved mindset issues and insecurities. It requires the acquisition of new skills and strategies. And taking action, the right kind of action, is critical.

And wow! Everywhere you look, someone has a formula, a step by step, or a system that is THE answer.  Right?!

Does it ever wear you out?

I have often followed one guru after another – only to discover that their way did not fit me. I have paid the money, followed the rabbit trail, and gone down a deep, dark, twisty path, finding myself a little bit, or a whole of, lost.

And staring at a wall, feeling discouraged and doubtful, I am reminded of a question that brings me back to center… how did you build a 6 figure business, Maryann, with a teeny tiny list, virtually no online community, no system, package, or program?

The simple answer is – Looking to God.

When I lose my footing, feel like I’m all over the place, and not quite sure which strategy is best for me at this particular time, I look to God. 

Yes, seems simplistic, and maybe even too woo-woo, but it works. God works.  We're a TEAM

God knows me best. Has infinite wisdom, strategies, and resources. On top of it, He has the ability to download knowledge to me and skills that might take me a graduate program to obtain!

Learning how to access God for my business, and for what specifically, have always been the most productive, peaceful, and prosperous use of my time.

I sincerely hope that my answer does not cause you to run for the hills, but God is mysimple  go-to answer.

And so, if you find yourself overwhelmed from time to time, I will be posting encouragments where I will discuss ways in which I have found God to be extremely useful to my sanity and success.

Your feedback matters to me! Leave a comment below!

Be blessed on your journey, each and every day.



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