In the face of cancer diagnosis, seemingly impossible requirements to close on our house, packing up and storing away 6000 sq feet of STUFF, attending to my clients, as well as preparing for my January event, we are indeed experiencing the most surprising and exquisite time with God, each other, and our family than ever before.

How is that even possible?

Very simply, by leaning into God for everything. And I mean everything.

With so much to do and attend to, I am convinced that the answer to every obstacle, pressure, and frustration is –

Work Less. Lean In More.
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Yes, I know! This seems counter-intuitive when there is so much to do. But when I get the wisdom of God to help me discern the unimportant from the essential, I work less and get more (of the right things) done!

You know, we put off this decision of moving for a number of years. Why? Because I thought I could not handle the intrusion of activity, regardless of whether it was my own choice.

I kept thinking… I don’t have time for that… how will we ever sort through years of accumulated stuff AND run very demanding businesses and travel schedules? Throw in the likely potential of unexpected problems?

It just seemed impossible.

But it isn’t! Let me ask you – do you ever feel stuck in moving forward in your dreams and desires because they just seem downright impossible? You would not be alone!

But let me encourage you… while this process is anything but over, everything we have needed has come through!

This process has proven once again, that if we don’t get bogged down in worry, keep the channels of grace flowing freely, stay in grateful and humble expectation, then the manifestation of everything we need and desire shows up- often in the most surprising and delightful ways!

Here’s one amazing thing that happened… So you may have seen on FB that we needed to get a new roof ($14000 up front before closing) in order for the buyers’ to get approved for their loan. Without stretching this story out, let me just say that we were financially tapped out of accessible funds. Yes, we could have liquidated investments, but at great cost/loss. Not good.

After exhausting all avenues, we found ourselves empty handed. The buyers were getting nervous and at risk of pulling out. We made the decision that God is our Provider, delights in our success, loves to bless and honor us, and to stay in the flow of grace.

We also decided that if the buyers were going to walk, we would be good with that and wait until spring. We had total peace.

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What happened next amazed us! While catching up with a colleague, Gene shared the progress of the house and move. The friend, upon hearing the dilemma about the roof, immediately rose up and offered a viable solution that worked out fabulously.

Within 24 hours we had $14K in our bank account.


Folks, this was a head-spinning, wide-eyed provision, and it showed us once again that we often don’t know from where help will come, but surely it will.

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I hope my stories encourage you to move forward with the dreams in your heart, trusting that everything you need is right in front of you. I would love your comments or feedback below!!






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