How I went from working with ANYONE about ANYTHING for FREE to picking and choosing those I love to work with, for good money.

Are you a coach and consultant who is groveling for clients, willing to take anyone that will pay you, and losing the love for your work in the process. If you are, this is not only not good for you, but also not good for your clients either.

The sooner you decide to stop this practice, stir up your courage, and decide to only work with those you love working with, the sooner you will enjoy your practice and increase in income.

Trust me on this. I was very resistant to setting up my own criteria for choosing my dream client, but once I did, my income skyrocketed.

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5 Steps to Working with Your Dream Clients


Step 1 -Begin with the ASSUMPTION that you can work with ANYONE you desire.

Yep. Anyone. The world is your oyster. Assume everyone needs and wants what you have. This may seem contrary to what everyone advises, but hear me out. I didn’t say you could or would work with everyone. I said, assume you can. This requires a mindset shift from scarcity to abundance. Close your eyes and imagine your calendar is full, your time is maxed out, you are making more than enough money. Everyone wants to work with you.

Step 2 -Now imagine all those clients you have worked with and all those you desire to work with.

See them? Who are your “A” clients, the ones you love, who make your heart swell? Who can you work with ease and joy? Picture them.

Step 3 – Open your eyes and write the characteristics of those clients down.

You want to work with “A” clients. And guess what? You get to determine what makes them “A” clients! If you spend a little time on this, and allow yourself to dream, you will come up with some non-negotiables.What are your

Here are mine:

  1. They have a dream in their heart, goals they desire to achieve, results they want to attain. (That’s actually everyone). But they are at a point in life where they know they need clarity, and can’t stand not having a clear vision any longer. This is critical. This is the difference between the client who is interested and one who is committed.
  2. They have mindset blocks (That’s everyone, too). But they are at a point where they KNOW they can’t move forward without getting unblocked. They are done trying to do it on their own, and they are convinced they need the help. They are highly motivated. I don’t have to convince them. They already know.
  3. They still have hope. The cynical and suspicious may have good reason for why they feel that way, but unless they are willing to give it up, we will be banging our head against a wall. I’m not into head banging.
  4. They are excited to pay the money. They see it as an investment in their results, not in me, or even in themselves. Their dreams and results matter that much to them.
  5. We have a rapport and bond of trust. I can be authentically me with them, free to use all my intuitive powers, skills, and strategies. And they are free to be completely themselves with me.
  6. And for me… I have one additional bonus…. They love luxurious, expansive settings to do our best work. My favorite work is VIP days by the ocean, in the desert, or some other high vibrational environment that affords higher level shifts and planning.  Note: nowhere do I have demographics, age, profession, income level, what they dress or where they live. My clientele is from a variety of countries, backgrounds, and situations… but what they do have in common is listed above. This is narrow enough for me.

Step 4 – Get a visual and set your intention. Once you get a clear fix as to who that client is, get a visual. Draw a stick person with all the characteristics surrounding him or her. Write a letter to her/him. Create an ideal client dream board. Do something to keep this person in front of you. Love on them. Speak blessings over them. Declare they are meant for you and you are meant for them. Call them forth. And at the same time, rest in faith that they are there and somehow, some way, your paths will cross.

Step 5 – Be led to where they are, whether off or online, and go there. Show yourself. Give value. Be authentic. Maybe you create an event that is strictly for these potential clients. You already know what they need, want, and desire, so create an online or live event that speaks to them. So many clients have come from me speaking my truth, telling my story, or reading something I wrote. I am out there, planting seeds, and showing up where peeps are.

These steps have been key to the transformation of my business. And this was without a big list, a clear selling strategy, or even knowing what my signature program was!

If you are ready for help with this or any other aspect of creating your magnificent business that supports your lifestyle and financial freedom, don’t keep thinking about it… just schedule time and let’s chat. I promise it will be worth your while.

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