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Hello Dear Heart!

Are you looking for a safe, judgment-free zone to clear your limiting beliefs and eliminate overwhelm?

Are you still not making the income you deserve despite investing thousands on programs and courses?

Would love to have a mentor who gently, but firmly holds you accountable to the personalized strategies and plans we design together?

Awesome! We should talk!

My name is Maryann Ehmann and I help World Changing Entrepreneurs increase their income, influence, and joy…. The Magnificent Way!



Whether your dreams are to have a 6 or 7 figure lifestyle business, bring your world changing message to the masses, reconcile a long estranged relationship, find the soul mate your heart longs for, or treat your husband to an all-expense paid trip to Paris for your 30th anniversary, just because you can…  Yeah! I did that!! (See photo to the right) 😉

You are in the right place!

Hi, my name is Maryann Ehmann and I am on assignment from God. Yep. That may sound BOLD and pretentious, but it’s true. I exist to help you succeed.

You see, dear one… I know you!

I know you don’t like to brag, but you know you are special and have been created for a reason. You have amazing gifts, years of hard earned experience, and obstacles you have overcome.

There’s a unique way you see the world. Certain things light your fire and impassion your heart, so much so, that unless you contribute to that thing, your soul can’t rest.


You are here to change the world.

Your ideas aren’t weird. You aren’t crazy. You just have BIG enormous dreams, and sometimes people think you’re a little out there. Your very being challenges them, and at times make them a little nervous.  But you know you’re on the right track. You do know what you want. 

Your destiny is calling you!

But you’ve encountered so many challenges as you committed to step forward.

Financial challenges. Time challenges. Relationship challenges. Maybe even health challenges. 

You’ve invested so much money, time, and energy into this business. Though you’d rather not admit it, you’ve wasted precious time trying to find that thing that can catapult you, or finally take you to the next level. You’re tired of being frustated, overwhelmed, and feeling alone. You’ve asked yourself too many times: 

Is this worth it?  Does it have to be this hard?

Will anyone even care? What’s the point, anyway?

Ah… just breathe, my friend.

You are in the right place. I’ve been there. And I’m here to help. 

It is my joy and expertise to guide and support you in the next leg of your journey.

Did you know it is possible to run this race like an elegant gazelle, flowing in God’s love and favor?

Did you know you can achieve greater productivity, income, and staying power when you are energized by love? When you are clear and focused? When your strategic plan is congruent with your personality, style, and values?  When your beliefs are aligned with God’s? 

Let’s be done with dog eat dog mentality, comparisonitis, and staying stuck behind walls of worry. 

Now is your time!

Together we will gently, but powerfully clear your fears, uncover stubborn and persistent success-saboteurs, create an elegant and inspired income plan, take love-generated action… as God pours His favor on you, opening doors, making connections, and providing everything you need to succeed. 

This is the Magnificent Way.

I can show you how. 


Let’s chat!


What Other World Changers Are Saying…

There is no one better out there!

I finally finished the book I’ve been wanting to write for years, found my purpose, and am moving forward in the business I always wanted!

Coaching with Maryann has made a huge difference in my life! Initially I was skeptical, but I felt Maryann could help me get over whatever was holding me back. And she has!

The book is now done. We have clarified my identity, purpose, and passion. I have a vision for the future and a business that is perfect for me mapped out. In Maryann, I have someone who believes in me and pours into my life. I cannot imagine life now without her wisdom and guidance. There is no one better out there.

Neecol Resnin, Author, Born for More, Social Worker, MSW, MBA

“Big Dreams Require Big Beliefs! I cannot imagine not working with Maryann to help me achieve them!”

The very first time I worked with Maryann, I shared my biggest and scariest dream: to impact 1 million followers. It was so big, I thought she might challenge it. Instead she believed in me and started formulating a plan so I could achieve it.

Not only did I achieve my goal of 1 million folowers, and increase my vision to 12 million over the next 5 years, but I also have an ally, personal cheerleader, and mentor.

Maryann helped me to remove my personal success blocks , solidify my income plan, and keeps me moving forward.  I cannot imagine not working with her.  If you have big dreams and goals, you must, too!

Cathy Niezen, Community Building Expert

Maryann is not like other coaches!

Maryann has a special gifting for helping others overcome obstacles in their mindset, faith, and business.  But also, she was able to give me specific advice and financial preparation to take my business and personal life to a higher level. 

I have participated in other coaching programs prior to Maryann, but her spiritual gifts and ability to work with a visionary mindset to transform ideas into a clear-cut financial plan for my business is phenomenal and sets her apart from other coaches.

Felice Carlton, Dr. Possibility

Maryann helped me raise my confidence and my rates!

Maryann is an amazing coach and mentor!  What I admire most about her is how well-rounded she is. I think she has mastered every profession in the world!  Maryann’s spirituality shines through in her warm and compassionate demeanor, although she’s not afraid to get down to business and call it like she sees it. She has helped me tremendously develop more confidence, tweak my billing system, give myself a long overdue raise, (133%) and handle the increased flow of new business as we continue to work together!  I wholeheartedly recommend Maryann!

Debbie V. Morgan, CPA, President

After Maryann identified subconscious blocks and actionable strategies, I have had several new contracts just “fall into my lap!”

I highly recommend Maryann Ehmann as a mentor. Lasering in on your blind spots so you can see them is her specialty. But she doesn’t stop there. Maryann is not only a master at bringing to the surface subconscious blocks, but coming up with actionable strategies for helping you moving forward quickly. After working with Maryann I had the opportunity to present the real authentic me in my presentations. She gave me the tools I needed to stay elevated and on track. And by opening up the flow, I have had several new contracts just “fall into my lap. I am truly grateful for her commitment to helping me see what I needed to see. My mind frame has changed about pretty much everything and continues to!

Dr. Patty Malone, President, Clear Communications Institute,

Invest in Maryann’s programs and your life will change!

I invested in Maryann’s Clarity in a Day VIP experience, and it changed my life! She helped me identify the root reason for what has been getting in the way of completing my goals and what I desire most. Being clear about what I wanted to achieve was a breakthrough in itself, but then to put an inspired plan together for my increased income goals that I can actually achieve with her accountability is huge!

But even more, after implementing just one of her strategies, a 12 year old dream I have longed for came true!! Maryann is such an inspiration to me!!

Benelly Curioso, Certified Medical Interpreter

Maryann has upgraded all areas of my life: business, family, relationships, and even speaking. 

I’ve been coaching with Maryann for a couple of years now, and my life has shifted dramatically. Whether it’s all things money and business, or reconciling estranged relationships, or transitioning into a new speaking career, Maryann has the experience and heart to support and guide me through it all.

I was already a successful entrepreneur of multiple businesses with over 70 employees when I met Maryann. But since then, everything has upgraded in my life. I have more freedom to attend to my family in ways I never imagined. I feel fulfilled and satisfied, yet see avenues for even more. I am free of self-condemnation that I didn’t even know was hurting my business and life. And even more, Maryann has taught me how to access God’s provisions like never before. I am so grateful for her continued support.

Miguel Sanchez, Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

I was stuck and worn out from going it alone. My very first session brought instant clarity and realignment, and AMAZING results immediately after! 

Feeling guilty, embarrassed and disappointed in myself, I had tried as long as I could to ‘figure out my life’ by myself just so no one else would know I was in a place where I needed help.

Maryann is bright, witty, funny, caring and VERY easy to talk to. Her expert insight has brought understanding to my experiences and instant clarity and realignment in the key areas I needed help with… and with greater ease than I imagined!

I’ve realized AMAZING results after our very first session! If you can identify with my experience in any way, do the kindest thing you could ever do for yourself and make the BEST investment of all… invest in YOURSELF!

Susie Golmon Cox, Culbeans Distributor

I accomplished more in a week with Maryann than I usually do in a month on my own. 

I just want to brag on Maryann Ehmann! She is rocking my world! I love the accountability and tough questionsI love how she is teaching me ways to change my belief patternsI have accomplished more in a week than I have in a month. I expect greater favor with new clients and prosperity than ever before. I am open to receive and realize in a greater way the impact I have on those I work with and those I influence. Thank you Maryann, for all you do and how you help us to realize our full potential.

Carol Shockley, Owner/President of Shockley Event Management

Maryann helped me to find myself… which has affected every area of my life.

Maryann Ehmann, my Counselor and Mentor, has helped me to find myself. My life was filled with false beliefs and self-created walls that I had no idea existed. I felt stuck in my business and life.  Maryanne helped me tear down those walls and find my truths, which has affected every area of my life.  I am forever grateful. Thank you, Counselor!

Joe DiChiara, CPA/Entrepreneur Founder of

For 2 years I struggled with my business… then I met Maryann… 3 months after working with her, I had a $35K month! It’s been the best decision I have ever made.

For two years I struggled with my business, losing contracts and sales. I tried everything. Then I met Maryann and decided to reach out to her so she could help me get through this in a spiritual way as well as help me get a steady cash flow going in the business

It was the best decision I have ever made. As soon as I started my sessions with Maryann, everything started to shift in the right direction.  My attitude, spirits, and will to fight all came back around and I suddenly felt stronger and willing to conquer whatever obstacle was in my way.

Maryann has a way of making you see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Through working with Maryann, I developed new strategies and in a couple of weeks I was acquiring new customers and having fun again.  She is a true Angel and the nicest, sweetest person I know.  She has a big heart and is always willing to listen and bring out the good in you. Thank you Maryann!

Marcia Suarez, Software Engineer, President, Professional Systems Service

Maryann is gifted at helping you up-level your mindset about prosperity. Rapid success is her forte!

Coaching with Maryann program was an amazing experience.  Maryann helps you access God’s power and favor for your success in business and in life, brings renewed hope to your success, and helps you up-level your mindset about prosperity.

Maryann goes above and beyond in her support for you and is generous in speaking a fresh word into your life that will impact your business in ways you might never have thought of before.  She is creative and spirit-led in all she does.  She is authentic and operates out of integrity and faith.  Everyone needs a mentor and coach like Maryann, who is always full of unlimited joy, wisdom, and support for you.

Kristi Lynn Olson, Author, Speaker, Coach, Women Infused

Maryann understood me in ways others just didn’t!

Maryann is one of the only people I have allowed myself to be vulnerable with. She understood, validated, expanded, and clarified my purpose, unlike others who tried to steer me down a path they thought I should take.

Katrina Sawa, Love and Money Mentor

I achieved clarity about my mission, a strategic plan, and am moving forward!

In our thought provoking sessions, Maryann revealed what was holding me back personally and helped me be released. Then she offered me clear guidance, brainstorming and observation of the bigger picture of my overall mission. With that we formed a strategic plan and helped me move forward.

Maryann pays careful attention to the details and often follows up with an email of a diagram and keynotes of the personal session.  All this is tied up in a bow with directing us towards God and His plan for us by continuing to bring in His word and promises to us.

Sonia Perez, Owner of Eating off the Vine

After just one session with Maryann… she quickly identified my blind spots!

Maryann is a true professional.  Her confidence, resolve and ability to quickly see where assistance is needed (those blind spots in our perception) is immediately apparent.  Awesome, wonderful, powerful coaching! Maryann is lovely, loving, yet absolutely NO nonsense through and through. Thank you again and again!!

Lynn Hawks, Owner, Experts and Authorities

I’m supercharged by our results! Maryann really does help us get WHATEVER we want!

OUTSTANDING coaching sessions with the AMAZING Maryann Ehmann!  What I about Maryann’s Coaching:
– We set in stone objectives to be met ….and Maryann helped me meet  EACH ONE EXACTLY!
– It’s an environment in which ANYTHING can be voiced
– She doesn’t let me get away with changing the subject when something is uncomfortable
– She gets to what is really going on actively in the moment

I am SUPER CHARGED from our results and ramped up to tie up some loose ends so I can CANNONBALL ahead on what is next to come! I wish everyone could see in what way she can help because she doesn’t just WANT to GET PEOPLE WHATEVER THEY WANT… she REALLY DOES GET PEOPLE WHATEVER THEY WANT. Love you Maryann!

Susan Wurzelbacher


Programs with Maryann Ehmann

Money and Mindset Personalized Empowerment Program

Are you tired of cookie cutter programs that will only get you so far? 

Would you like to cut to the chase and find out which specific money blocks you may have, rather than have to deal with generalities or others’ issues that you’ve already worked through?

Once identified, there are so many different tools and techniques to empower you! Wouldn’t you love to save time by using the one that works best for YOU?

And no matter how active a FB group is, it can’t supply the support and accountability that 1:1  mentoring can.


Private 1:1 Mentoring is the Fastest, Easiest, and Most Joyful Way to Achieve Your Goals!

I have helped hundreds of mission driven world changers get their business/ministry off the ground, increase their income, and make the difference they are here to make. 

Maybe it’s time you invested in that personal attention that you deserve. Can you really afford to mess around any longer?

If you are committed to getting the results you desire, make the income you know you want to make, and fulfill your world changing mission … 


Click Here To Learn More

Destined To Prosper

Are you tired of financially eeking by? Did you know that barely surviving is NOT God’s plan for you?  If You Have Any Doubt About Your Right to Prosperity, Your Best Efforts to Generate Income or Create Wealth Will Be Undermined. Align Yourself with God’s Will and Empower Your Beliefs

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